Ed’s… Highlights – Aug ’11

Undoubtedly the most (insert superlative) thing happening this month is the Flyover Show on Sat Aug 20th. But, as we’re fortunate enough to live in an unelected democracy, let’s look at what else is going on. Won’t take long. Musically speaking August’s the most boring month of the year to date.

Although… as I recant quicker than Andy Coulson in front of a tape recorder, the Raghu Dixit Project play the HMV on Aug 3rd. One of India’s most delectable exports and definitely worth a taste.

The O2 has Bruno Mars on Aug 18th and the least attractive Corr sister on Aug 23rd. But I don’t get out of bed for anything less than Andrea. Or into, if the chance should arise.

Locally it’s back to our green and pleasant roots, with the Prince hosting another Traditional Music Session on Aug 17th and the Celtic Clan’s debut at the Kitchen Garden Café on Aug 21st, playing a ‘mixture of fantastic harmony vocals and live instruments.’ Vocals and instruments..? Cutting edge stuff, perhaps it’ll catch on. Otherwise it’s Mr Scruff at the H&H on Aug 26th or Shambala, which is B13 in a field.

So… the Flyover Show. Basically a BIG FREE PARTY underneath the Hockley Flyover. Clue’s in the title right? I went last year and was truly (again insert superlative).

On stage are Goldie, Goldie’s Band (from the telly like), Omar ‘There’s-nothing-like-this-is-not-my-only-song’ Lye Fook, Akala – a MOBO lauded UK rapper actually worth listening to, Jazz Warrior Julian Joseph and Soweto Kinch, who’s address book is what allows this to happen.

Loads of fun, loads of music and the occasional plate of chicken. All for free. Apart from the chicken. Now where’s Hockley again..?

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