Ed’s… Highlights – Sept ’11

I am many things. Short, hairy. Occasionally right. But I have never been narrow minded with music, as my September highlights should demonstrate.

At one end of the September spectrum is the Moseley Folk Festival. I don’t need to harp on about it, if you’re reading this mag you’re probably standing next to one of their banners. This year’s line up includes Billy Bragg, The Bees, Badly Drawn Boy, Bellvue Rendezvue, Ben Calvert and assorted acts that don’t begin with the letter ‘B’. Long may this festival reign, and to those who quibble at the entry price I suggest you try booking this line up for only 2,000 people.

One day and a million miles away, Public Enemy come to the HMV Institute to perform their seminal album, ‘Fear of a Black Planet’. A HUGE release back in 1990 and one that’s as relevant today. Especially today. This is a rare opportunity to see a cornerstone of Hip Hop performed live on stage. And wait, I think I hear something..? The shuffle of Camp Hill alumni heading to Digbeth, whispering in hushed yet fervent tones ‘fight the power’ as they park the Audi under a prominent street light (you couldn’t give me lift could you?).

Elsewhere across the city… skip to the end… Carleen Anderson at The Glee Club on Sept 18th. Pitch perfect soul, the front woman of the Young Disciples (and briefly the Brand New Heavies) has recorded with artists from Paul Weller to Guru, before focusing on her solo career here in the UK. An actual talent. It’s always a gift to have her play in the city

Apart from all that there’s; Dolly Parton (LG Arena, Sept 2nd), Van Morrison (Symphony Hall, Sept 2nd), Esther Miller (Jam House, Sept 20th), Jazzie B (Hare & Hounds, Sept 10th) and dear-god-what-fresh-hell… Mr Big (O2 Academy, Sept 18th). Enjoy.

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