In the beginning…

Birmingham Review was first published online in 2010, running an interview with Ozzy Osbourne when he was in Birmingham touring his solo album, Scream – talking to the Prince of Darkness upstairs at the HMV on Corporation Street. As first steps go, our initial articles could not be more proudly Brummie.

Over the following years, what began as a labour of love became a recognised voice within Birmingham’s music and arts scene – delivering heartfelt commentary, from a growing team of contributors who wrote with fierce honesty and love for the city’s culture.

Covering more than just music, the publication began to embrace the city’s wider culture, from Birmingham’s burgeoning new drag scene and the artistry of our local tattoo parlours, to art exhibitions, dance festivals, and every band’s new release we could get our ears and hands on.

But the dedication to autonomy and truth remained; if Birmingham Review gave something a thumbs up or down, our readers could believe it.

Like much of the UK’s entertainment industry, Birmingham Review shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic – as doors across the city closed until further notice, ours did to.

But from April 2022, Birmingham Review has rebranded and returned with a fresh editorial team full of ambition, dark humour, and the publication’s trademark honesty.

Always on the lookout for new stories, as well as readers, Birmingham Review welcomes you to our new look pages and keeps an open door to anyone who has something to say.

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