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OPINION: Michael Nyman Syndrome

Words by Ed King I call it the ‘Michael Nyman Syndrome’. A few months ago (long enough to now comment without reprisal) Hans Zimmer came to the Barclay Card Arena – performing scores from ‘a career spanning over 150 films including The Lion King, Gladiator and the recently released Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ […]

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BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

BREVIEW: BE Festival @ REP 21-25.06

Words by Heather Kincaid / Pics courtesy of BE Festival As events got underway on Friday 24 June at this year’s Birmingham European Festival, the atmosphere in the buzzing Festival Hub was noticeably different from the three preceding days. Where a mood of apprehensive optimism had prevailed before, now anxious faces engaged in animated discussions, […]

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Mars in retrograde 2016

OPINION: New Moon in Cancer – making amends

Words by Joëlle O’Toole This New Moon occurs at 12:01pm here in the UK; almost exactly at midday and on the actual entitled ‘moon day’ – now referred to as ‘Monday’. Although this New Moon is not an eclipse, and doesn’t have any additional astronomical significance it is an important one this year. It marks […]

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Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16

OPINION: Full Moon in Libra 23.03.16 ‘Illuminate your true self’

Words by Joëlle O’Toole The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus; the charm, charisma and beauty bestowed on those with prominent Libra chart placements are discernible, notable and characteristically Venusian. To me, Libra is Venus ruled – although some disagree with this. Aries is unquestionably ruled by Mars. This is the only axis in […]

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The-Clothes-Show-1 - med

OPINION: The Clothes Show Live ’15 @ NEC 04-8.12.15

Words by Sasha Holt / Pics courtesy of NEC Group Well hello fashionistas, its Sasha – your style guide through the fashion wilderness. And here we go, taking the next step on that yellow brick road towards the metaphorical Oz that is The Clothes Show Live ’15. One of the things I’m most excited to […]

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