NEWS: Flyover Show IV, post ‘riots’ preparation

Flyover Show II (2009) - courtesy of Karl Dixon

The Flyover Show is a free, family friendly, one day music event in which organisers ‘transform the grey space beneath the Hockley Flyover into an oasis of cultural expression’.  Now in it’s forth year, the brainchild of MOBO award winning Jazz saxophanist and hip hop artist Soweto Kinch will showcase a bevy of artists. From Goldie to Julian Joseph, Akala to Omar, the line up represents a spectrum of Jazz, Hip Hop and breakbeat, but with Birmingham recovering from a sweep of civil unrest what does this ‘community inspired festival’ really hope to achieve?

“Birmingham need to unite”, says Kinch, “we need to show our city and the country that we can come together and celebrate. Now more than ever. Areas like Handsworth and Hockley are built on a rich and strong community. When there’s anger on the streets it distracts us from the positivity of most of the people that live here.”

Soweto Kinch, Flyover Show II (2009) - courtesy of Karl Dixon

Soweto lives a stones throw from the Hockley Flyover, walking through it each day being the inspiration for the Flyover Show. Headlining this year’s event is Goldie, an established producer, DJ and graffiti artist who grew up in Wolverhampton.

“Events like the Flyover Show are really important,” says Goldie, “especially after what’s happened in Birmingham recently.” Goldie’s troubled upbringing and hard work approach have made him an inspiring figurehead for many teenagers and young adults. His recent projects including Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment and Timeless have been focused on engaging youth culture. “I had it hard when I was young. I felt abandoned. These kids need to engage their passions creatively, to do things that benefit their community. Gigs like the Flyover Show tell them there’s there a better way than just destroying things. It’s important, for everyone.”

Smash Bros, Flyover Show II (2009) - courtesy of Karl Dixon

The Flyover Show IV takes places underneath the Hockley Flyover on Sat Aug 20th. For more information, or to contact the organisers, visit