OPINION: Has someone stolen your tie?

20150307_114812Words by Sasha Holt

Well it’s been transitional time in the fashion world, with recent fashion week extravaganzas gracing the most glamorous of cities with the most fashion forward of people. We will just have to wait and see what filters down to the high street and boutique level.

Back down to reality with a bump, the continuing fashion trend that I’m not completely sold on just yet is ‘Geek Chic’. But first let’s extol the positives of this styling choice.

For girls, we’ve seen an androgynous look of skinny jeans, paired with slogan emblazoned sweatshirts, which encapsulate the idea. And those among the fairer sex that have wanted to put a twist on this contrived trend straitjacket have mixed vintage floral dresses with cardigans and oversized specs. But the girls appear to have had to better end of the deal when choosing to jump on the Geek Chic fashion train.

My issue comes with the male side of this sartorial coin. One of the overriding parts of creating a trend such as ‘Geek Chic’ – i.e. something, supposedly, the social awkward would wear, is that we are being brain washed into bad taste being good taste. And one manifestation of this, an element of male ‘Geek Chic’ that makes me even more apoplectic than cargo trousers and jeans pulled down to show underwear (…don’t get me started) is the shirt with the top button done up.carbon-copy-magazine

You see it everywhere now, from Jo nobody to every letter on the Celebrity A to Z list; in fact it’s transcended any one particular trend, but I can’t understand why anyone would think it looks good.

Every time I see someone sporting the top button garrote I want to ask them if they need help finding their tie. Now its offensive to me in a casual setting, but it appears to now being trialed at formal occasions too. Oh please, just look in the mirror. A sharp suit (or an ill fitting supermarket choice) paired with a shirt buttoned up to the top, but then no finishing touch. It’s like going out without shoes.

Once the choice has been made to follow the ‘Geek Chic’ line, it’s a short stroll from this top button trauma to ankle grazers and men wearing jeans so tight it should be a matter of public decency. Where will it end.

So fashion followers, as always you will led by your clothing conscience – but if you are embracing the male ‘Geek Chic’ please do me two favours:
1) Look in the mirror
2) If you see me coming, surreptitiously undo that top button.

Stay fashionable and most importantly stay you.

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