WIN: Swingamajig 2015 tickets x 4

Swingamajig-2015-Poster-280x389Four days to go…

On Sunday 3rd May, Swingamajig returns to The Custard Factory in Digbeth for its biggest festival show to date.

And Birmingham Review has 4 tickets to give away. You jammy tart bast*ards.

The brainchild of Electric Swing Circus and Ragtime Records, Swingamajig ‘is the UK’s first one day urban festival dedicated to Electro Swing, Gypsy Folk and vintage mayhem’.

Started in 2103, Swingamajig has been steadily nudging the boundaries of capacity and debauchery every early May bank Holiday – now taking over 6 spaces across The Custard Factory complex, from 2pm on Sun 3rd to 6am on Mon 7th May.

For further Swingamajig details, including maps and directions, click here.


To win tickets to Swingamajig 2015 on Sunday 3rd May, just lindy hop over to the Birmingham Review Facebook Page (not the ‘profile’, move away from the ‘profile’) and give us a Like:

Then send us a message answering the following, carefully crafted, Kit Williamsesque, Mensa approved riddle:


Swingamajig #3 - lrWe want decadence, we want flapper, we want crushed velvet dapper. We want to give these tickets to people who embrace the 1920’s based fervor and make it their own.

Just don’t shoot anyone in a Chicago car park over bootlegged hooch, you won’t win for that. Think more feathers, hats & braces.

Competition closes as the clock chimes twelve (that’s midnight) on Friday 30th April.

And if you don’t know what Swingamajig is a) you’ve probably stopped reading, b) where the hell have you been, and c) viddy last year’s festival below to find out:

Swingamajig 2014

Swingamajig #2, lr

N.B. Winners will be contacted directly, with an public announcement via Birmingham Review, on Saturday 1st May. Please email any questions or queries to

For more on Swingamajig, visit

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