SINGLE: Miranda – Sam Hollis

Words by Charlie Culverhouse

Sam Hollis released his debut album, If Ever, Could You Imagine?, earlier this year and isn’t wasting anytime releasing even more music. His new single, ‘Miranda’ – featuring Harry Price, Lewis Pick and Nep, produced by Hollis and Ego Boy – doesn’t disappoint.

‘Miranda’ follows the same new wave/low-fi jazz genre that Hollis so effortlessly pulls off, the chorus effect that dominates the guitar works perfectly to create this atmospheric indie sound. The vocals are so incredibly smooth and soft; Nep and Hollis’ voices work beautifully against one another – a great collaborative sound that fits this song perfectly.

The drum pattern defines the change between verse and chorus, starting with minimalistic electronic percussion then transitioning into a more jazz inspired acoustic beat that complements the style of the guitar.

On his debut album, Hollis bought together people from across the globe to collaborate and create music – Nep featured on the track ‘All That I Want’. It’s good to see that Hollis clearly has a passion for involvement in music; Nep is a young American girl who has only released one original song as of yet, but has featured on three other albums and singles as well as ‘Miranda’. Hollis using his platform to share this girl’s voice represents one of music’s most important achievements – inclusion.

‘Miranda’ is incredibly relaxing whilst also being an interesting listen, something I think is relatively hard to achieve. The lyrics sang in this soft outspoken manner read very intelligently, the song writing telling a story that makes you think and feel – but not too much.

It’s easy to see and hear that Sam Hollis has a crazy amount of passion for music, which he backs up with great talent both in writing and performing.

Sam Hollis releases his latest single, ‘Miranda’, on Friday 2nd August – available through the usual online platforms. For more on Sam Hollis, visit


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