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ALBUM: Wild World – Bastille

Words by Ed King I once (half) joked that Bastille wouldn’t be able to release a follow up album until Dan Smith had another relationship break up. After all, the phenomenally successful (and catchy) Bad Blood was a litany of growing pains and heart ache – what could he (now they) pen 10+ more tracks about […]

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The Hungry Ghosts @ The Sunflower Lounge - 6th July 2016

RELEASE: Blood Red Songs EP – The Hungry Ghosts

*The Hungry Ghosts play The Sunflower Lounge on Weds 6th July, supported by The Terror Watts – as presented by Sonic Gun. For direct info & tickets, click here.* Words by Ed King / Live pic by Rob Hadley, artwork courtesy of The Hungry Ghosts  Some things you don’t forget. The birthday of a loved one, […]

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Heroes - screen shot

RELEASE: “Heroes” (David Bowie) by SHATTER EFFECT

Words by Ed King Following the announcement of David Bowie’s death (on Monday 11th January for those of you living in a shoe box) the UK… nay world, has been gripped in a seemingly unstoppable explosion of nostalgia and celebration. Major radio stations have pulled out every piece of interview they can, the national tour operators are hastily pitching […]

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Daughter / By Francesca Jane Allen

RELEASE: Not to Disappear – Daughter

Words by Ed King / Pics courtesy of 4AD – ‘The World is Spinning Around’ (album artwork) by Sarah Shaw, lead photograph by Francesca Jane Allen I love my iPhone. Its ‘old’ enough to create nostalgia, pity and scorn, but has been appreciated company on many long journeys. Even though the buttons don’t fully work, I can’t […]

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Freedom - The Black Tambourines

ALBUM: Freedom – The Black Tambourines

Words by Ed King / Album cover courtesy of Easy Action Pics lifted from The Black Tambourines’ Facebook page Honestly, I’d forgotten about Garage Rock. Like the boots of teen angst it had been stacked and shelved; only to be dusted off once a summer, to make feel better about not going out three nights […]

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