RELEASE: “Heroes” (David Bowie) by SHATTER EFFECT

Heroes - Shatter Effect - green screen

Words by Ed King

Following the announcement of David Bowie’s death (on Monday 11th January for those of you living in a shoe box) the UK… nay world, has been gripped in a seemingly unstoppable explosion of nostalgia and celebration."Heroes" - by SHATTER EFFECT

Major radio stations have pulled out every piece of interview they can, the national tour operators are hastily pitching A-list memorials, publishing houses are sifting though photo galleries and back catalouges, with most other animals in the media circus finding some Brixton-boy-done-good stool to perch on.

And whilst I’ll admit I am not a David Bowie superfan (I have no lightning flash tattoos or rare German imprints hidden away), seeing the posthumous manifestation of his footprints has been something quite special. Plus I dare you to watch the ‘Lazarus’ video now without a visceral pain.

I heard ‘the news’ as Birmingham Review was on its way to Wales with SHATTER EFFECT, to write a feature about a new music video the Midlands based electro/rockers were filming. And I knew the band were big fans of David Bowie, with Rebecca Davies (lead vocals/keys) and Robin Davies (vocals/guitar) having referenced him as an inspiration many times in interviews before.

Turning up to meet them early in the am, with a van full of kit, a folder full of Google Maps and a heavy cloud hanging over us was a depressing as you’d imagine. You know that moment when there really is nothing to say… yeah. Now drive to North Wales.

But during the day, SHATTER EFFECT worked out how they wanted to say goodbye to the Thin White Duke – with a personal cover of “Heroes”, the title track from Bowie‘s 1977 seminal album.

And you know what, it’s also ‘something quite special’. Have a stop, look, listen below:

“Heroes” (David Bowie) by SHATTER EFFECT

The following is a full statement from SHATTER EFFECT:

‘The news of David Bowie’s death generated great sadness, but also compelled many inspirational moments – from the impromptu memorial outside the Brixton Academy to the countless individual tributes of love and respect. He was an artist who compelled many to stand up and follow their passions.

“Heroes” is an inspiring song, from a man who showed a constrained world how to live more freely. As a band we couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you, and goodbye, to David Bowie.’

David Bowie - Concert for Berlin 1987Originally recorded in Berlin, with producers Brian Eno and Tony Visconti, David Bowie released “Heroes” in September 1977. The lead single and title track from his twelfth studio album, “Heroes” was recorded within 500 yards of the Berlin Wall – with members of the Red Guard reportedly spying on the studio whilst the LP was recorded.

The central album in Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy, and the only LP to be recorded entirely in Germany, “Heroes” was cited as a reflection of the divided city and a call for freedom from oppression. The title, “Heroes”, is hat tip to the 1975 release ‘Hero’ by the krautrock band Neu! – formed after Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother left Kraftwerk in 1971.

David Bowie’s subsequent concert outside the Reichstag in 1987 sparked violent riots on the Wall’s east side, with the East Berliner’s not allowed to attend the event. Performing in both English and German, the 1987 Concert for Berlin is often cited as adding significant momentum to the worldwide call for the Berlin Wall to be brought down.

SHATTER EFFECT - type, grey on BR web coloursRebecca Davies, SHATTER EFFECT’s lead singer & keyboard player, says: “On Monday we lost one of our heroes. David Bowie’s death came as a great shock to the band. We have been influenced by his work for many years and he will continue to inspire us for many more to come. ”

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