PREVIEW: Jayne Powell + Rachael and Friend @ Ort Café, Fri 4th July

Jayne Powell, lr, cropped

Playing at Ort Café tonight, Jayne Powell returns after a self confessed & productive hiatus – with support from Rachael and Friend. Doors open at 8:30pm with a £4 entry.

Birmingham based Jayne Powell has played at and played with, a respectable portfolio – but has been off the gig circuit for a few years ‘working on new material’ and ‘setting up her power trio’. Previously surrounded by either more or less, the most pertinent result of this shift is her new Late One EP, whose title track marches out bluesy Americana and steady punch riffs; a solid build, break, keys, confident lament, with invitations to “run away”. Roy Orbison would be proud.Main with web colour bcg - lr

What else is on the Late One EP, we’re not sure – with the sweepingly clandestine approach to online marketing alive and well here. Too. So I guess you’ll have to go to Ort Café tonight and find out.

But we can tell you (or reiterate to you) Jayne Powell ‘returns with a more gutsy edge to her songwriting and live performances’. Plus she sings like Aimee Mann, which is no bad thing. But for something altogether more representative or retrospective there’s enough on Jayne  Powell’s Soundcloud page to keep you busy all lunchtime.

Rachael and Friend - The One Take EPRachael and Friend support, with their ‘acoustic folk boy girl minimal ukulele Greenville’ as defined by the almighty #. But with a new six track release to play and sell, The One Take, you’ll no doubt get more to sink your lexicon into. Plus they’ve travelled a long way (from South Carolina) to kick of their 15 date UK tour at Ort Café tonight. And if it’s your birthday…

Rachael and Friend are new to Birmingham Review, and a Google search with ‘Rachael’ and ‘Friend’ doesn’t bring up much that’s helpful – other than ‘Rachael Gallman and Jaron Ferrer are the best of friends.’ Sounds like one of the more frustrating outcomes of my formative years. But The One Take is a fruitful endevour; tight with vocals, creatively paced, and lining up enough melodies to keep the cursor hovering over repeat.Ort logo - cropped, lr

Alongside the return of Jayne Powell to a Birmingham stage, tonight at Ort Cafe is not a bad idea for a Friday night live.


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