BPREVIEW: Hannah Brown + Affiejam @ Ort Café, Fri 11th July

Hannah Brown + AffieJam @ Ort Cafe, Fri 11th July / www.ortcafe.co.uk
Playing at Ort Café tonight are Hannah Brown + AffieJam – two girl & guitar singer/songwriters with early established local records.

Doors open at 8:30pm, with admission charged at £3.Birmingham Preview / www.birminghamreview.net

Hannah Brown is actually from Nottingham, but is ‘currently residing in Birmingham’, studies in the city, and has supported Ruby Turner – so ticks enough boxes for civic appropriation.

On the cusp of her debut album, the simply titled Refuge, Hannah Brown has a portfolio of six sting laments and acoustic heartbreak.

Refuge is cited as an album that ‘speaks of pain, joy, peace and realisation’, with Brown stating her debut album is “a moment in time along the endless path of personal self discovery ex-pressed within music.” So a cheeky Beyoncé cover is probably off the table.

To listen to ‘Refuge from the Rain’ – Hannah Brown’s first single from Refuge, click here or on the image below:

Refuge from the Rain
For more from Hannah Brown, visit http://www.accessallmusic.com/news-releases/hannah-brown/

Alima ‘AffieJam’ first came to Birmingham Review’s attention after appearing on the bill for Call Me Unique’s Urban Gypsy EP launch in January.

Performing behind a piano or guitar, and stacked to the finger tips with soul, AffieJam’s honey vocals cover simple acoustic melodies – kicking her seemingly effortless musical footprint off stage.

Often appearing as a solo artist or with simple percussion, AffieJam is a relative regular at some of the more respectable grass root showcases in the city.

But with no releases (yet) to push her name up to the all important CAPITAL LETTER TOP SLOT, this a cycle of support slots could become a comfortable constriction; AffieJam is one of those artists Birmingham Review would like to see (and hear) more from, which apparently we might in August.

But there is an official AffieJam music video – to stop, look & listen, click here or on the image below:

AffieJam - video still

For more from AffieJam, visit https://soundcloud.com/affiejam
Hannah Brown + AffieJam play at Ort Café, in Balsall Heath tonight – click here for more details. Doors open at 8:30pm, with admission charged at £3.

For more from Ort Café, including directions and full event listings, visit http://ortcafe.co.uk/

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