OPINION: New Moon in Cancer – making amends

mars-retrograde-2016Words by Joëlle O’Toole

This New Moon occurs at 12:01pm here in the UK; almost exactly at midday and on the actual entitled ‘moon day’ – now referred to as ‘Monday’.

Although this New Moon is not an eclipse, and doesn’t have any additional astronomical significance it is an important one this year. It marks a psychological beginning to the 2016 Summer which seems to have, so far, been absent. In my experience, I’ve never known the start of Summer to feel so much like Winter; both in energy and in actual weather too.

The major contributory factor for this is that Mars turned retrograde on 18th April 2016 and has been going backwards (from the earth’s perspective) until this morning – 12:36am on Thursday 30th June. When a planet is observed as retrograde (the earth’s orbit is parallel and moving more quickly around the Sun) then the influence of that planet becomes introspective, backward and more complex. For Mars this occurs every two years and during this period your energy levels may be notable lower, your tolerance markedly limited and your progress not notable in any way at all.

With Mars gaining momentum for the first time in more than 3 months, this New Moon will feel like a heady influx of newness. Cancer is a very wholesome, family oriented sign and so there will be a focus towards unification with people closest to us. There is of course not a simplistic, overnight, light-hearted way to shed all of the tensions of recent months. That is a gradual process, the vibe of this New Moon is about recognition of barriers, chasms of negativity and with whom amends need to be made.

The rising sign for this chart shows Virgo (the same as for the last full moon interestingly enough – although with 9º variance) just like the full moon; which was the second in a month sagittarius, this re-visit to Virgo invites us to ‘look again’. The strengths of Virgo is the dutiful, patient, conscientious and caring elements but of course the weakness is the ease in discriminate criticism and over-bearing righteousness. From my observations much of the latter has been observable present in society in recent weeks and so, I would postulate that the re-visit of Virgo rising asks us reconsider and perhaps look towards the positive traits of Virgo a little more.Mars in retrograde 2016

Interestingly the ruler of Virgo (previously cited as Mercury) which is Chiron, is right at the Descendent at this chart – the area which depicts the ‘other’. Chiron illustrates the inner world of Virgo and, indeed all of us, in wherever we experience Chiron in our charts and our psyches.

Chiron is referred to as “the wounded healer” and represents that part of each of us which we feel is tainted, impure, weak or in some way subject to our own personal revoke. This is often experienced in such a personal way that we feel we need to hide, or cover up this so-called weakness. We find it difficult to accept and integrate this side of ourselves and so, often, when we are prodded or questioned in this area we become defensive, uncomfortable and turn our self-criticism outwardly.

The way to work positively with this part of ourselves is so simple however; it is only to recognise that everybody feels this way about some part of themselves. That if we speak of it, share our weaknesses, open up about our fears, others will do the same. Intrinsically all most people want is to feel part of something and close to others; so strangely enough whilst Chiron is what often gives us the urge to separate and protect ourselves, it is the key (the key being the symbol for Chiron) to that which connects us.

As Chiron falls at the connective 7th House/descendant of this new Moon chart we are reminded that we can heal any rifts by allowing ourselves to feel connected and to do this all we need to do is open up. The great thing about astrology is it gives us information about timings. It would easy to logistically ‘know’ that you need to build a bridge with another, but when a chart shows influences like this, we can be sure others will want to reach out too, or at the very least be far more responsive to such an advance than at any other time.

Now in some cases difficult times illustrate where irreconcilable differences lurk and with Pluto opposing this New Moon, from the 4th House the inception of some big changes will be timed by this New Moon. Some people will have been trying to deal with issues that have become more and more complex during the last three or so months, to the point where it has become obvious change is the only option available. Remember that old cliché that “a break is as good as a rest” and that great decisions are made from a place of clarity, not despair.

Chiron The Wounded HealerFor those of you who feel burned out by this incredibly intense Spring/early Summer so far do try to take some time out. It’s not a time to make decisions, it’s a time to catch up on sleep, reconnect with people you love, spend time with the purity of animals and ride through the Pluto opposition to this Sun-Moon. The truth will always surface with Pluto and so it’s okay to stop thinking, take some time and wait for that to occur, naturally organically.

It’s going to take Mars a while to build up speed and it also will take another month or so to leave the ‘shadow of its retrograde cycle’, until then things will unfold and sanity will resurface. Jupiter is still in Virgo; one of its least expressive signs and when it moves into Libra on 10th September we’re all going to be feeling so much more upbeat and joyful.

The key is not to be rash with this period, but to take the time to reach out and reconnect to others and if you’ve got the opportunity; take some time out and switch off the mind. Things will right themselves…..slowly.

Focus on the love. As always. ♥

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