Ed’s… Highlights – Apr ’11

Everything seems a little visual and audio this month. The Prodigy’s film World On Fire came out on Mar 31st, The Foo Fighter’s ‘Back & Forth’ is out on Apr 7th, and Shiva Soundsystem’s Nerm Chauhan’s music directorial debut, ‘Everywhere & Nowhere’, is on national release from May 6th. Plus Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring gets a 3D make over on Apr 21st. I’m trying to think of a joke, but I’m not that clever.

Out there in the land of the live gig, my fingers are crossed for Beth Orton (Glee Club – Apr 11th) and my legs for Lizzy Parkes (Symphony Hall, Foyer Bars – Apr 29th). It’s a free gig, which is just as well. For a voice like that I’d flog my Grandma on EBay.

I’m spending the rest of the month avoiding the world’s most tenacious one hit wonder, Chris de Burgh (Symphony Hall – Apr 15th 16th). I’ve been practicing for 25 years so I’m pretty confident I’ll manage. That and enjoying the endless bank holidays bashes, with the posh-totty-tie-the-knotty giving us even more room to party on Apr 29th. I’ll be seeing Guy Carlos at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath. But whatever you’re royal ra-ra celebration entails, enjoy. And wear a nice hat.

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