BPREVIEW: Maisie Adam – Living on the Edge @ The Glee Club 14.10.17

Maisie Adam - Living on the Edge @ The Glee Club 14.10.17

Words by Helen Knott 

Comedian Maisie Adam performs her show Living on the Edge at The Glee Club on Saturday 14 October, as part of the Birmingham Comedy Festival. For direct info, including venue details and online ticket sales, click here.

Adam has been a stand-up comedian for less than a year, performing her first show in October 2016 shortly after graduating from university. While she may not have spent years plying her trade on the toilet circuit, she has very quickly started to create a stir in the comedy world. Sometimes, if you’re good, you’re good.

This all culminated with arguably the biggest night of Maisie Adam’s career to date. At the start of August, at the Edinburgh Fringe, she won So You Think You’re Funny,Maisie Adam - Living on the Edge @ The Glee Club 14.10.17 the UK’s most famous competition for young comedians. Past winners include David O’Doherty, Dylan Moran and Peter Kay, so SYTYF certainly isn’t a bad barometer of talent.

Adam has been described as a more eccentric version of Peter Kay and likened to Victoria Wood. Based on this, it’s fair to assume that her show will be observational, good-natured, and well, northern. Entitled Living on the Edge it’s a portrayal of life on the edge of adulthood, featuring stories about the politics of the playground and the British abroad.

With an award win, festival performances and comparisons to comedy greats under her belt, Maisie Adam has a lot to live up to. And whilst she may not be the finished article, yet, this could well be a first look at someone who will be popping up all over TV and radio in the years ahead.

So You Think You’re Funny? (2017 Grand Final) – Maisie Adam

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