INTERVIEW: The Enemy @ The Empire 21.11.15

The Enemy - its automatic

Words by Esh Capêlo / Film by Edward Taylor (Digital Flow)

The Enemy are out across the UK, touring their latest studio album It’s Automatic – playing at The Empire in Coventry on Saturday 21st November, with support from Castles, April and Asylums. Doors at 7pm, for direct tour gig info & tickets click here.The Enemy - tour poster

Esh Capelo went along to The Empire for Birmingham Review (sneaking in between some last minute venue renovations and the band’s homecoming gig soundcheck) to chat to local lads, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts, about The Enemy’s new album, current tour and the exciting news that the trio will be supporting The Libertines next year.

Talking about their latest studio release, It’s Automatic, and their follow up to their third UK top ten album, Streets in the Sky, Liam says; “there’s definitely more going on, we’ve stepped up what we do. Before we used to just go out and smash it up live…”

“…now it’s more a show than a gig,” adds Andy, “but it’s still got loads of energy. If we’re not knackered at the end of the gig then there’s something wrong with us.”

The opportunity to tour with The Libertines in 2016 was welcome and one that the band couldn’t pass up. “It’s amazing,” says Andy “we’re buzzing for that. We’ve known for ages that it might be happening but we’re held it back. When we finally got it confirmed we were like ‘yes!!’”

“We’re doing four dates,” adds Liam, “Birmingham, London, Bournemouth and Cardiff. We hadn’t met Pete as much but Carl’s been on the same management as us. Even the other night Andy was DJing in London and Gary (Powell – The Libertines’ drummer) was there…”

The Empire“Yeah, I leant him my headphones,” adds Andy. “I didn’t know if he knew we were going to be supporting them but I thought, I’ll get them back on the tour. I’ll make sure I’ll get ‘em back.”

The Enemy are playing thier homecoming gig at The Empire, the city’s newest music venue on Far Gosford Street – a venue co-owned by Tom Clarke, The Enemy’s front man, and one opened to help Coventry gain the title of City of Culture 2021.

Liam says, “It’s going to be mental. Home gigs are always pretty special… and you get a bit more nervous; there’s a lot going on, your family are down, that kind of thing. It always builds to this point, wherever it is in the tour, the home show, it always builds to that point.”

Andy adds, “…but (as Tom Clarke is co-owner) if anything goes wrong, I’m going to moan.”

But who’d hear him; tonight’s sold out gig is sure be as raucous as any of The Enemy’s previous homecomings. Tom Clarke will also be DJ’ing and meeting fans at the official after show party.

Watch Birmingham Review’s full interview with The Enemy @ The Empire 21.11.15

The Enemy play their homecoming gig at The Empire in Coventry on Saturday 21st November, with support from Castles, April and Asylums. Doors at 7pm, for direct tour gig info & tickets visit

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