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INTERVIEW: The Mourning Suns – Rosie Wilkes

Words by Ed King “It’s like an ideal place, that you feel anchored to – not necessarily a place, it can be a state of mind too.” The Mourning Suns have been a prominent place mat at Birmingham’s musical platter for several years. Born from the creative partnership of Rosie Wilkes (vocals) and Anthony Williams […]

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Nicky Shrire / By Jonx Pillemer

INTERVIEW: Nicky Schrire

Words by Ed King / Pics by Jonx Pillemer Nicky Schrire plays at Cherry Reds, John Bright Street, on Sunday 14th June – as presented by Best Seat Sessions. For direct gig & venue info, visit “It’s all very new for me. It’s a different community, a different group of musicians, and also different audiences. […]

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Kirstin BArnes by Imogen Frost, sm

INTERVIEW: Kirstin Barnes – StereoMe @ TwoReflecT

Above pic by Imogen Frost / Below words & pics by Ed King “Vodka bottles and cupcakes; one symbolises what people think you are, and one symbolises what you really are.” Kirstin Barnes explains the ‘girl next door’, a persona she felt when “I was leaving a school and everyone was expecting this that and […]

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LR close - looking left - lr, sm


Words & pics by Ed King  “I can’t make the same record twice.” I’m talking to Lucy Rose about her new album, Work it Out, which is set for release in mid July – the lead single, ‘Our Eyes’, scheduled for 3rd May. It’s about four hours before she gets on stage at the Birmingham […]

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Joe Lever, Tommy Wright - crop - lr, sm

INTERVIEW: Young Kato – Tommy Wright & Joe Lever

Words & pics by Ed King The Courtyard is covered in cables. I walk through The Rainbow fire doors into a squall of mic stands, monitors, guitar cases and flex; the furrowed brows of sound engineers directing people and equipment one way or another. I am obviously not in Young Kato. Floating around like busy […]

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