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Rhys Lewis - twitter


    Words & interview by Ed King / Video by Trapeze Film It’s easy to compare artists, to reference the more established when introducing the new blood. And you could be called a lot worse than some of the names in front of ‘Rhys Lewis’ on this press release. But ‘Rhys Lewis‘ is Rhys […]

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INTERVIEW: Ed Geater / Rob Hadley – Birmingham Review


              Words by Giles Logan / Pics by Rob Hadley In twelve short months Ed Geater has established himself as a firm part of the Birmingham music scene. Overcoming an initial anxiety about performing, his live gigs have become something of an event. With his trademark human beat boxing looped live […]

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Worry Dolls @ Kitchen Garden Café 22.02.17 / Denise Wilson - Birmingham Review

BREVIEW: Worry Dolls @ Kitchen Garden Café 22.02.17

          Words by Ed King / Pics by Denise Wilson “We are a live act, that’s very important.” God love the Kitchen Garden Café, but its ‘intimate setting’ can make crossing the room a fearsome journey. Mic stands, wires, pedals and feet. The world’s most tiny ukulele. There’s danger at every […]

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INTERVIEW: Rosie Kay / Brian Slater


    Words by Helen Knott / Profile pic by Tim Cross, production shots by Brian J Slater  When I catch up with Rosie Kay – artistic director and choreographer of Birmingham-based Rosie Kay Dance Company (RKDC) – it’s January and she is in the middle of running through her new show MK ULTRA. Patiently explaining the […]

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INTERVIEW: Rews  / Paul Reynolds © Birmingham Review


    Words by Ed King / Pics by Paul Reynolds “Like a little Tequila worm that crawls in, gets drunk, and stays in there forever.” Is that them..? No. The problem with meeting strangers is you don’t know what they look like. I’ve sifted through Rews’ website, seen promo pics, videos and alternating styles, […]

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