Lissie, from Catching A Tiger, courtesy of Sony Music

Many things happen at the back of a bus. Today it’s where the Birmingham Observer caught up with Lissie, Sony’s new US import, bang in the middle of promoting her debut album, Catching A Tiger.

“I usually know what’s going on a bit more,” jokes Lissie, “but we just flew into England from America.” Lissie is one hour off a long haul flight from New York and 30mins away from a “radio related event” in Bridlington. “I just got into Manchester and now we’re going on this radio show. Otherwise I’d just be sitting in the car, you know, sleeping.”

It’s been a hectic year for the Illinois born singer songwriter. Making heads turn in March at Texas’ SxSW music festival, the breeding ground for many a music executive’s Christmas bonus, Lissie played ten live showcases over four days.

“I went there (SxSW) a few years ago and didn’t really have much of a presence, but this year we brought a lot of energy.” Lissie downplays what the media called ‘a triumphant win’ over the festival. “I think we did play good shows, so those people that might of heard stuff about me were able to walk away knowing what the fuss was about, hopefully”

If they didn’t then it’s now the job of Lissie’s new label. And with three UK single releases, festival dates across the summer and a headline tour set for October, there’s a lot of ink in the diary. “People always say that majors are going to make you compromise, to tell you what to do, but I really like the people I work with,” some of which are no doubt sitting pillion to this conversation, “they saw something worth investing in me and I feel we’re on the same page. Plus they have the resources to launch a pretty good campaign, just me performing a good live show isn’t enough. It’s a team effort.”

Catching A Tiger is out on general release. Lissie’s new single, Cuckoo, is out at the end of August. For more information on Lissie, including her international tour dates, visit