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Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida /

Words by Sasha Holt / Pics courtesy of Éthologie

N.B. Jasper Garvida will be exhibiting his latest Éthologie collections at The Clothes Show Live ’15, alongside a live interview with Hilary Alexander OBE in the Olympus Style Studio on Sat 6th Dec.Birm_Prev-logo-MAIN - lr

Hello Fashionistas, it’s Sasha, your intrepid sartorial guide through the fashion labyrinth.

As we find ourselves just hours away from the start of The Clothes Show Live 2015, my spidey senses are telling me that this is going be one to remember for all the right reasons. Many of fashion’s hottest, most innovative designers are putting the finishing touches to their collections – all destined to wow you, The Clothes Show Live faithful.

Personally, I’m getting ready to be blown away by queen of sustainability and style Katie Jones – with her jaw dropping knitwear creations. Then there are the futuristic neoprene pieces of Manière De Voir, which will leave you inspired to explore a galaxy far far away, The-Clothes-Show-1 - medalongside the sensual and sculptural elegance of cocktail attire by Emilio de la Morena.

But high on my must-see-list is one of The Clothes Show Live ‘15 headliners – Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida. The Manila born, London schooled designer will be exhibiting his latest Éthologie collections across the four day event, with Garvida himself being interviewed in the Olympus Style Studio by Hilary Alexander OBE on Saturday 6th December.

Birmingham Review caught up with Jasper Garvida ahead of the NEC showcase, about the inspiration behind Éthologie and the designer’s hopes for The Clothes Show Live 2015.


Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida / Review (BR): With such an international background what inspired you to come to London to study fashion? 

Jasper Garvida (JG): I remember opening a copy of Vogue and reading about this University where the great Alexander McQueen, John Galliano & Stella McCartney went to study fashion and so I decided to apply myself, and three weeks later I was in central St. Martins studying, and that forever changed my life. I believe, London is a big melting pot in the fashion industry and the creative industry. I’ve worked in fashion industry since graduating and have worked for couture houses like Savile Row and now I have Éthologie and I am forever in debt with this city for building my career and especially Ms Hilary Alexander for discovering me.

BR: You’ve worked with some of the most innovative designers such as McQueen and Westwood, have they influenced your own designs?

JG: I would say they have inspired me immensely in becoming a designer and finding my own label. Design-wise I have my own style but what I admire most about these people is their work ethics. I have understood that having a fashion label and creating designs is not an easy thing to do. Not only do you have to be a creative person but also have a business oriented mind at the same time. That is what really drove me, how they’ve established themselves in the design field and fashion industry.

BR: You’re gaining a name as the ‘go to’ designer for the fashion conscious celebrity. Who is on your wish list that you’d like to dress?

Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida / I really like and appreciate strong women, who have a definite style; I somehow relate to them. And to be honest, I secretly, I do want to dress the Queen of England because I believe that that would be very challenging for me. I always like a challenge, anything that’s beyond my repertoire is exciting for me to take upon.

BR: You say that individuality is a key part of Éthologie, how would you describe the individuals that wear your designs?

JG: Every collection we make and every design we create is special; meaning that a woman can take a piece and adapt it to her own style. This is the beauty of Éthologie, it’s all about experimentation! Éthologie is targeted to young women who have their own style and individuality, it is a laboratory for them to have fun and experiment with my clothes, it is a staple for every wardrobe. There are some key pieces that obviously make more of a statement which for me is an investment piece for young professionals.

BR: Hilary Alexander OBE has championed you since she saw your graduate show. Do you feel the rest of the fashion world has embraced your unique style?

JG: Absolutely! I’ve learned a lot from working in the fashion industry not only for couture houses but also for the high street which means that i have good knowledge of what women in general like and what their tastes are developed of, so, I could see my clothes on pretty much everyone. Éthologie is stocked all over the world and it is spreading out there and I hope a lot of women discover it sooner or later because in my opinion, it’s quite elaborate than that.Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida /

BR: At Birmingham Review we’re excited to see what you have in store for us at The Clothes Show Live this year. Can you give us an exclusive as to what to look out for in your catwalk show?

JG: I’ve lived in the UK for 15 years now and I’ve never been to Birmingham, I’ve done The Clothes Show before, but NEVER been to Birmingham, which is a bit disappointing, I know. SO, I’m really excited and looking forward to it. During this show, we’re going to present our last SS16 collection.

The Spring Summer 2016 collection captures the beauty of Morocco. The story of the collection follows an archetypal Éthologie woman; a highly cultured urban traveller with a strong sense of individuality. The collection’s focus is on her journey from her native France back to her original home of Morocco to discover the world of her ancestors. The collection is immersed in the rich Moroccan culture, which is reflected in the ornate patterning, delicate embroidery and textured embellishments of the fabric of the clothes.

The pieces are made with meticulous precision and care. Hand twisted chiffon and hand embroidered French lace feature alongside Garvida’s trademark embellishment. The decadent patterns are inspired by Moroccan architecture, encapsulating the silhouettes of archways and the profiles of windows frames, to produce a collection that embodies the symbiotic quality of infusing the established heritage of the East.

BR: Events like the Clothes Show Live can often be a great platform for new designers to raise their profile, but since you already have such acclaim in fashion circles, what do you hope to gain from being at this event?

Éthologie, by Jasper Garvida / I’m hoping to show my journey as a fashion designer, to show not only fashionistas but to people who study fashion, who show interest in fashion and even people who simply dream that dreams do come true and to never give up! I’m also really looking forward to my interview with Hilary Alexander; words cannot explain how excited I am!

BR: Many of your designs are very form fitting, and you may assume they would only suit a model figure. Do you cater for what fashion would class as ‘plus sized’ which make up a large portion of the population?

JG: Well, our clothes go from size 6 to size 16 and like I said I’ve worked in high street fashion before so I have dressed women up to size 32. If one tries Éthologie clothes, they would see that they compliment the woman because I always start with the woman and nothing else.

BR: Having been born in the Philippines, do you see yourself as a style ambassador for Filipinos internationally. And do you have any plans to support aspiring fashion designers in the Philippines?

JG: Yes, of course! Coming from the Philippines, I’ve always been proud of who I am and my heritage. I suppose I inspire people from the Philippines because of my story from my humble beginnings in Manila and not because of the success that I’ve achieved. Who knew that one day I will be on the same pages of magazines such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney of whom I only read when I was younger!Éthologie by Jasper Garvida - logo, typeface

BR: I’m sure you have lots of exciting opportunities ahead in the coming year, so what’s next for Jasper Garvida and Éthologie?

JG: We are working closely with boutiques in the Middle East and are creating designs and patterns that cater to them and their clothing choices. We’re looking forward to broaden our target market more with the coming years. And we’re very much geared to work on our Autumn Winter 2016 Collection at the moment.

Jasper Garvida will be exhibiting his latest Éthologie collections at The Clothes Show Live ’15, alongside a live interview with Hilary Alexander OBE in the Olympus Style Studio on Sat 6th Dec.

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