EP: Only One – Feathers

Feathers - The Only One EP

Monday 13th January sees release of Feathers’ debut EP, Only One.

With two new tracks, ‘Wild Love’ and ‘The Only One’, alongside two remixed album offerings, Only One EP is out on digital release from today.

The four faced evolution of Anastasia Dimou’s ‘recording project’, Feathers’ official start date is 2011 – with Dimou reportedly first performing under the name after her relocation to Austin, Texas.

Feathers’ first single, ‘Land of the Innocent’ was released in on March 4th 2013, with their debut album, If All Here Now, following at the end of May last year.

Combining Pop melodies with a darker Electronic edge, Feathers have drawn comparisons to Chicks on Speed, Little Boots and Depeche Mode – the latter directly requesting Feathers to support them on their 2014 European tour, coming to Birmingham’s LG Arena on Jan 27th.

Anastasia Dimou

Talking about If All Here Now, Dimou claimed it may be too poppy for some, and too dark for others” in an interview with Paul Lester at The Guardian (New band of the day, No1044 – 28.1.13)

But flavours of Dimou’s cited influences, Nine Inch Nails and PJ Harvey, are softly present across the 10 track album –creating an arguably more palatable Fischerspooner or Miss Kitten. But as the New York state bred producer also states in her Guardian interview, “I will always love a good chorus, that is certain.”

Only One EP is out on digital release from Monday 13th January. For more on Feathers, including a digital downloads/purchases, visit http://www.feathers.fm


Butterfly screen break - lr - smEd’s Note…

Arriving late to this party, If All Here Now is an intriguing debut – one that’s firmly hooked me into Ms Dimou’s portfolio for now.

Reminiscent of some more exciting producers of yore, its Feathers’ sensitivity to a simple melody that’s got me most interested; because that, despite the grandiose pretensions in some corners of Electronica, is what I listen to music for. Be it Erik Satie or Simple Minds, it’s gotta grab ya’.

Feathers - If All Here Now

‘Wild Love’, the opening track on FeathersOnly One EP, does just that. And currently, after a weekend of repeats, has not let go. ‘The Only One’ is sadly not as memorable, but steps aside for a crisper (or Alternate) remix of the addictively punchy album track, ‘Believe’.

Closing the four track EP is a Vogel remix of ‘Familiar So Strange’, where the LA based producer makes Feathers’ calmly ethereal album track sound like an early Perfecto release. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (casually glancing at my CD rack) I just preferred the album version.

But with If All Here Now giving me more each time I play it, I’m saddled up for the next adventure from Dimou & her three musketeers. A lot of promise here, tbc…

Ed King is editor of Birmingham Review: https://twitter.com/edking2210