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Signing Off Anniversary Tour, courtesy of UB40

OPINION: UB40 30th Anniversary of Signing Off – by Brian Travers

We’re currently on a thirtieth anniversary tour of the UK and Europe, thirty years that have flown by in a flash since we started out as eight young inexperienced guys from Moseley and Balsall Heath. As unrealistic as it is now, back in 1980 it seemed more realistic to start a band, get a hit […]

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Anthony Tattum, Managing Director at Big Cat

OPINION: Has the new HMV Institute got what it takes? – by Anthony Tattum

Marketing an event or a venue starts way before the first press release is emailed out, even before the designer gets the brief to create a good looking ad. Marketing begins before the talent has been booked or the first lick of paint is applied to recently plastered walls. This is because the product and […]

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Nerm is a BBC broadcaster, DJ and underground muso

OPINION: The problem with ‘Asian’ music – Nerm

I’m in a bar or club and get introduced to someone. Sometimes in the paranoid gulf that is the entertainment industry, sometimes not. Wherever, whenever, the conversation often goes like this: “What do you do?” “I present shows for the BBC, mainly music ones. I also run a record label.” “Oh yeah, what station are […]

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Ed’s… Highlights – Aug ’10

Another UK festival seasons draws to a close. So far this summer; the angel of dance blew out her ten candles as Global Gathering made the restaurants of Stratford “too busy to comment”, Festival Republic took over The Big Chill – employing an army of sixteen year olds stewards to block roads from Malvern to […]

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Ed’s… Highlights – July ’10

The Summer solstice has passed. VW’s are leaving Salisbury Hill and flip flop sales are fighting recession. It can only mean one thing… FESTIVAL SEASON!!!!! I don’t usually endorse exclaimation marks but with promoters risking millions it’s the least I can do. That and give the big local three a push. Global Gathering / July […]

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