BPREVIEW: TwoReflecT – Kirstin Barnes & Imogen Frost @ Vivid Projects, 30th May to 2nd June

TwoReflect @ Minerva Works/Warwick Ba, Fazeley Street, DigbethOn 30th May, TwoRefelcT opens at the Vivid Projects space in Minerva Works/Warwick Bar on Fazeley Street, Digbeth.

Following the initial view on 30th May, between 6-8pm, the installation will be open daily until 2nd Jun, between 12noon-5pm.

Entrance to TwoReflecT is free and has been presented with support from Birmingham Open Media and Leon Trimble.Main with web colour bcg - lr

Featuring installations from Kirstin Barnes and Imogen Frost, TwoReflecT is a showcase of two Midland’s artists through prominent visual display.

Kirstin Barnes presents StereoMe, a look ‘at identity and female issues’ and the perceptions of self, with Barnes as the subject.

Embracing the phenomenon/dystopia of virtual reality and online dating games, citing the disturbingly popular LoveMe as an example and namesake, StereoMe features three stereotypes Kirsten Barnes has felt subjected upon her – the ‘Girl Next Door’, the ‘Career Girl’, the ‘Good Time Girl’. Alongside a fourth persona, the original ‘Me’, participants are invited to select the version they prefer by using a gaming controller.

StereoMe ‘hopes to question the future of relationships through outdated stereotypes, mixed with future technologies, digital dating, virtual girlfriends and to reflect on the emergence of new technologies in the arts.’

For a further introduction top StereoMe, click here or on the image below:

StereoMe 2015, med

Imogen Frost presents Natural Projections at the TwoReflecT exhibition. Continuing Frost’s portfolio of fusing ‘traditional photographic processes into immersive installations that attempt to alter and recreate meaning through display’, Natural Projections aims to explore what photography, and reality, is through ‘subtle yet immersive imagery that evoke questions of time, space and existence.’

Natural Projections Imogen Frost uses ‘immersive installations that attempt to alter and recreate meaning through display’ and ultimately poses the larger question, what is reality? An installation that challenges one’s perception of self and external agents, just as the reflection of a face is both true and false, Natural Projections invites its audience to further question the way in which they ‘perceive and understand the world around us’.

Both Kirstin Barnes and Imogen Frost will be available to discuss their work at the 30th May opening view.

TwoRefelct opens at the Vivid Projects space, in Minerva Works/Warwick Bar on Fazeley Street (Digbeth), running from 30th May (6-8pm) and daily until 2nd Jun (12noon-5pm). For further info, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/765696583538472/

For more on Kirstin Barnes, visit http://www.kirstinbarnesphotography.com/

For more on Imogen Frost, visit http://imogenfrost.com/ 


For more on Vivid Projects, visit http://www.vividprojects.org.uk/

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