BPREVIEW: Richie Ramone @ The Oobleck, 28th May ‘15

SYL tour poster, lrOn Thursday 28th May, Richie Ramone comes to The Oobleck, at Alfie Birds in Digbeth – as part of his Smash You Live! 2015 World Tour.

Doors open at 7:30pm with tickets priced at £10 (advance) & £15 (POTD), with support from Idol Dead + Venrez.

With one of the most famous surnames in musical history, Richie became a drummer for The Ramones in the early 80’s – contributing to the band’s 1984 album, Too Tough Too Die.Main with web colour bcg - lr

The only drummer to write and sing lead vocals on Ramones tracks, Richie further helped craft and record the subsequent Animal Boy (1986) and Halfway to Sanity (1987) albums, alongside being credited for the Smash You: Live ’85 LP released in 2002.

Leaving The Ramones in 1987, following a reported fall out with Johnny Ramone over merchandise, Ritchie continued to work with other founding members Joey and Dee Dee Ramone – feature on Dee Dee’s solo recordings from the late 80’s. Ritchie Ramone also featured on Joey’s 2012 sophomore solo album, Ya Know?

Richie Ramone - coppedPost millennium, Richie Ramone would also record The Whistle Before the Snap 2013 album with Boston based Celtic Punk band The Gobshite – alongside featuring on the band’s Live from the Doghouse album the same year. Richie Ramone also recorded the five track EP with The Rock n Rolls Rats, titled Rebel 67.

Signing as a solo artist to DC-Jam Records in 2013, Richie Ramone released his first solo album, Entitled, in October 2013. Performing with members of established Punk bands from both sides of the pond, including past and present members of the UK based AntiProduct, Richie Ramone has been taking his Smash You Live! Tour across the globe since March 2015.The Oobleck - logo

Coming to The Oobleck with just four more dates to go, having started in North America and travelling through Italy, Spain, Australia and Sweden, Birmingham can see Richie Ramone live on stage on Thursday 28th May – in the closing run of his Smash You Live! 2015 World Tour.

And if you don’t get why that’s a major fu*king deal, click here or on the link below. Then sit quietly in the corner and read your Rock & Roll Hall of fame – where Ritchie’s place is undoubtedly being kept warm.

‘Somebody Put Something in My Drink’ – written & performed by Richie Ramone


Richie Ramone brings his Smash You Live! 2015 World Tour to The Oobleck, at Alfie Birds (Digbeth) on Thursday 28th May. For tickets & info, visit http://theoobleck.co.uk/event/richie-ramone-idol-dead-venrez/

For more on Richie Ramone, visit http://www.richieramone.com/

For more from The Oobleck, visit http://theoobleck.co.uk/

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