BPREVIEW: The Black Tambourines @ The Sunflower Lounge 25.10.15

The Black Tambourines @ The Sunflower Lounge 25.10.15Words by Ed King / Pic courtesy of Killer Wave

On Sunday (yes, The Lord’s day) 25th October, The Black Tambourines come to The Sunflower Lounge – with support from The Red Cords + The Terror Watts. And that’s a whole lotta prefix.Birmingham Preview

Gig doors open at 8pm, with tickets priced at £5 (advance) – as presented by Killer Wave & PNKSLM. The Sunflower Lounge’s upstairs bar will be open as per usual (free/normal trading hours) with a satisfying range of hearty post-brunch munch and peculiar fruit ciders. Blackberry… kinda works though.

So. I have to admit, this is not the usual BPREVIEW. Firstly it’s two days late. No huge surprise there, but after working (not a euphemism) like a fool/dog I slept for significant double figures and missed two, yes two, of my own deadlines. Ah… to be an editor. And to sleep, perchance to dream…

The Black Tambourines are a four piece Garage Rock outfit from Falmouth. They released their five track Chica EP in 2007 and their self titled debut album in 2013 – both on the Bristol/London Indie, Art is Hard Records. Prior to that were the self released Happy Birthday and Hombre EPs – still available through The Black Tambourines’ Bandcamp page.

Their eleven track sophomore, Freedom, came out in September this year via Easy Action. As DIY as you’d want from Garage Rock, and as disturbingly/perfectly addictive/raw as you’d be able to comfortably snuggle up to – Freedom is a solid second album. Plus the initial singles, ‘No Action’ and ‘She Don’t Mind’, picked up steam and platitudes in some positive places. Life for The Black Tambourines, and sales, may be rosier this time around.

Garage Rock was something I put down with my youth, along with petty theft, Valentine’s Day and guilty masturbation. But seeing as it was my birthday this week I thought I’d get a bit nostalgic (keep your mind on the music people) and when Killer Wave suggested we cover, pre & post gig, The Black Tambourines I thought ‘good timing’.

The Sunflower LoungeI also thought I should get someone other than me to actually write BREVIEW; if you’ve ever seen me drunk on a Sunday you’ll understand why. So our freshest face, aka Emily, has dutifully stepped into the fray. Although she’s working over the weekend and covering two gigs in a row for us, so ‘fresh’ may not be the ‘f’ word she had in mind when I asked her.

So, again. Why the pre amble? What happened to the facts & figures approach I usually ask for with a BPREVIEW? ‘Keep it open people, this is not an opinion piece’. Well, quite simply, I listen to The Black Tambourines’ second album, Freedom. I will be typing an album review after I’m done here.

Sufficed to say if you have some free time on Sunday 25th October (or the ability to prioritise) and a spare five pound note, it might not be a bad idea to saunter along to The Sunflower Lounge.

I’m now off pen said album review, have a 10pm breakfast, open that bottle of rum (a boy’s gotta sleep) and stick my head out of a window. Enjoy.

The Black Tambourines come to The Sunflower Lounge on Sunday 25th October, with support from The Red Cords + The Terror Watts – as presented by Killer Wave & PNKSLM. For direct gig details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/427296080793442/

For more on The Black Tambourines, visit http://theblacktambourines.bandcamp.com/

For more from The Sunflower Lounge, visit http://thesunflowerlounge.com/

For more from Killer Wave, visit https://www.facebook.com/kllrwv?fref=ts

For more from PNKSLM, visit http://www.pnkslm.com/

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