BPREVIEW: Storms @ The Sunflower Lounge 24.10.15

Storms - Undress UK tour 2015 / www.stormsband.comWords by Ed King

On Saturday 24th October, Storms come to The Sunflower Lounge – with support from Lois & the Love.Birmingham Preview

Gig doors open at 7:30pm with tickets charged at £7 – as presented by Birmingham Promoters, with the Birmingham Review legal team adding ‘a Metropolis Music and Friends Presentation by arrangement with X-ray.’ So now you know.

The Sunflower Lounge’s upstairs bar is free to enter and open during normal trading hours; for more direct info from the venue, click here

Not to be confused with the now defunct Norwegian Viking Folk Metal group, that old chestnut, the UK Storms are coming to Birmingham on a the tail end of their national ‘Undress’ tour. Cited as ‘a contemporary Blend of 90’s indie sensibilities with Seattle grunge undertones’, The-Sunflower-Lounge---blackStorms sit well amongst a growing portfolio of somewhat retrospective rockers.

For those of us old enough to have seen Nirvana at The Hummingbird, or know how Billy Corgan used to sing, this may seem like a knee jerk trip down marketing’s memory lane. But, it seems, the Indie spirit lives on, even if it’s now on a Gap advert and major label roster.

Also cited as a band ‘who must be seen live to be fully appreciated’, which seems like sensible advice across the board, Storms‘ gig at The Sunflower Lounge will be a chance to make your mind up close and personal. And for those of us old enough to see Oasis playing at The Jug of Ale…Birmingham Promoters

But if you need a bit more bone to chew on, or through, it’s been suggested you watch their latest single, ‘Shame’, performed live in session at SSR Manchester. Never one to fly in the face of public opinion… well, anyway, here’s a link that will allow you to do just that:

‘Shame’ – live in session / Storms

Storms come to The Sunflower Lounge on Saturday 24th October, with support from Lois & the Love, as presented by Birmingham Promoters. For direct gig & online ticket sales, visit http://birminghampromoters.com/Events/storms/

For more on Storms, visit http://stormsband.com/

For more from The Sunflower Lounge, visit http://thesunflowerlounge.com/

For more form Birmingham Promoters, visit http://birminghampromoters.com/

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