BPREVIEW: P.E.T @ The Sunflower Lounge 01.07.18

P.E.T - supporting Rews @ Hare & Hounds 22.03.18 / Eleanor Sutcliffe

Words by Ed King / Pics by Eleanor Sutcliffe

On Sunday 1st July, P.E.T headline at The Sunflower Lounge, with support from Miilkk, The Butter Aliens + Flares – as presented by Psych Productions.

Tickets are priced at £6 and available on the door or in advance through the bands performing, so click on any of the highlighted names in this BPREVIEW for the relevant links. Likewise, to visit the Facebook Event Page click here.

P.E.T have somewhat stormed onto the Birmingham music scene, only forming back in October last year yet already carving a place for themselves at the forefront of Birmingham’s punk rock fraternity. P.E.T + Miilkk, The Butters Aliens, Flares @ The Sunflower Lounge 01.07.18Full of raw energy and musical smarts, this Abi Whistance fronted four piece have supported acts from Rews to The Cosmics – delivering a powerful punk rock punch wherever they appear on the bill, driven by the ferocious energy of their ‘tiny but mighty’ lead singer. Not one of our descriptions, but one we love all the same.

But it’s the unity from this band in their entity that makes them so special; both on stage and off, P.E.T are a “real fucking rock band” – to steal a summation that was once yelled out by the Alabama 3 frontman to The Hungry Ghosts. Yep, we’re putting P.E.T in that camp – namely the one where all the bands who kick ass with integrity live. Plus, guitarist Molly McDonald’s dry humour – with some awesome to/fro with bassist Rosie Jones – is freakin’ hilarious. (P.E.T‘s drummer, Kris Szulecki, is also a bit of a legend, but too covered in cymbals to get much of a vocal input whilst performing. Catch him at the bar though…)

But it’s no secret at Birmingham Review we think P.E.T are all alterations of awesomeness, and if you want a bit more background for your bounce rate then check out our 2cents on P.E.T’s debut single, ‘Tommy’, which came out on Friday 4th May. And if you haven’t seen P.E.T live yet, you can expect a high octane set with some delicious band banter; on stage is absolutely where they shine this band shines the brightest. In all seriousness, P.E.T are a bit of a ‘golden marker’ as my friend used to call it, and as ‘of the moment’ / ‘one to watch’ as you can respectably get on Birmingham’s gig circuit right now. If you have halP.E.T - supporting The Cosmics @ The Sunflower Lounge 17.03.18 / Eleanor Sutcliffef a live music heart you should pay this band some well deserved attention.

Sliding into the first base of main support are Miilkk, the self professed ‘messy psych, punk, grunge band from Birmingham’ who have a less than discerning taste in cider. We’re not overly familiar with this local three piece at BRHQ, but Miilkk have come recommended to us by P.E.T and that’s usually a good enough witness statement for us. Although if you need a more autonomous introduction, I would like to present to the court Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Next on the bill are The Butters Aliens, again with the whole hearted support from the night’s headline act. Spangly, jangly, bouncy, garage rock, The Butters Aliens have been on the Birmingham Review Hit List for a while now, and seeing as the current default setting is ‘HEATWAVE’ we thought it would be about the right time to check them out. In a tiny, packed out, sweat filled subterranean mosh pit. In for a penny…

Then there’s Flares, bringing some more indie rock flavour to the evening’s proceedings. Again, we’re not overly familiar with Flares but they did bash out a pretty impressive support set at the Rose Dive gig back in May. Plus, there are a couple of recordings from their recent session at Rain Studios that are certainly worth checking out. But, again (again) if it’s got the P.E.T seal of approval then we’re prepared to sacrifice a pint and a half of cider on the door charge to find out.

So there you have it, not a bad way to see out your weekend. And as mentioned before, tickets can be bought on the door or in advance from the bands themselves – so click on the highlighted links in this BPREVIEW or click here for the Facebook Event Page.

On Sunday 1st July, P.E.T headline at The Sunflower Lounge with support from Miilkk, The Butters Aliens + Flares – as presented by Psych Productions. For direct event information, visit www.facebook.com/events/1068346046636931

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