BPREVIEW: Hot Club De Swing July Ball @ Hare & Hounds, Fri 18th July

Hot Club De Swing Xmas Spectacular 20.12.13 / By Carlie-Ann HareHot Club De Swing returns to the Hare & Hounds for its July Ball, tonight – Fri 18th July. Doors open at 9pm with admission charged at £7 advance, £10 on the door .Birmingham Preview / www.birminghamreview.net

Playing, nay, championing Electro Swing in Birmingham, Hot Club De Swing is the monthly manifestation of the Swingamajig Festival. Or the Swingamajig Festival is the annual manifestation of Hot Club De Swing. Let’s not quibble.

Either way, on the Hot Club De Swing July Ball bill will be ‘some of the best acts’ from the last Swingamaig in the shape of Jenova Collective – a seven piece ensemble who have been ‘through the looking glass in search of their sound,’ which includesHot Club De Swing Xmas Spectacular 20.12.13 / By Carlie-Ann Hare Electro Swing, DnB Swing (anyone..?), Giltch Hop and general festive/fruitiness.

Jenova Collective also released their debut EP, Champagne Machine, in Feb on Ragtime Records – a local label that is doing more to promote Electro Swing than… well, any other local label. For more from Ragtime Records visit http://www.ragtime-records.com/

And whilst you had me at the Carroll reference, for something a bit more tangible from Jenova Collective, click on the link or image below:

Jenova Collective @ Electro Swing Revolution, Berlin, 30.5.14

Jenova Collective - Champagne Machine

Also playing at the Hot Club De Swing July Ball, for it is July and they’re havin’ a ball, will be DJ sets from C@ in the H@ (say what you see) and Tom ESC – the Electro Swing Circus guitarist.

All in all a fine excuse to don your glad rags, dust off the monocle and spit polish shine those dandy fine shoes. And if you need more, check out the below intro from the Queens & Kings of the Swingers themselves:

Hot Club De Swing – official trailer


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Hot Club De Swing July Ball comes to the Hare and Hounds (Kings Heath) tonight – Friday 18th July. Doors open at 9pm with admission charged at £7 advance, £10 on the door. For tickets and info, visit: http://hareandhoundskingsheath.co.uk/event-listings/event/?eventID=10031904

For more form Hot Club De Swing, visit https://www.facebook.com/hotclubdeswing

For more on Jenova Collective, visit https://www.facebook.com/JenovaCo 

For more about the Hare & Hounds, including contact details and further listings, visit http://hareandhoundskingsheath.co.uk/