Boyhood - promo shot

Director: Richard Linklater
Writing Credits: Richard Linklater
Cast:  Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawle, Lorelei Linklater

UK rating: 15 certificate
UK release date: 11th July

Boyhood opens at the Electric Cinema tonight (Fri 18th July) with daily screenings until Thurs 24th July.

4download.php copy.JPGRichard Linklater’s bold production follows, in real time, the growth of Mason Jnr (Coltrane) as he goes from 1st grade (that’s primary school to us) to college – negotiating his parent’s divorce, the onslaught of puberty and all the challenges of family and adolescence.Birmingham Preview / www.birminghamreview.net

Starting as the 6 year old protagonist prepares for a new life in Houston, along with his recently separated mother Olivia (Arquette) and his sister Samantha (Lorelei Linklater), Boyhood watches the world from Mason Jnr’s perspective. As times elapses we are reintroduced at pivotal moments, some larger than others, as the four central characters plot point their way through a 12 year story and the minutia of actual life. Mason Snr (Hawke) drifts in, out and in again, as the family’s formative years are delivered in both sporadic and bite sized chunks.

Not known for a sentimental approach to storytelling, please ignore School of Rock, Linklater reportedly avoids the obvious John Hughes moments – letting Boyhood cement its narrative in an unarguably physical reality. The posters on the wall, the changing soundtracks, the subtle encroach of a 12 year story – witnessed all at once during a 166min sitting.boyhood - older, lr

Reviewing Boyhood’s showcase at the Sundance Film Festival in January this year, for Vulture.com, Kyle Buchannan states ‘Boyhood isn’t the film you’re expecting. It’s intimate and elusive, and the landmarks that usually turn up in most other coming-of-age stories are all but absent here.’

Eric Kohn reporting for IndieWire, again from the Sundance Film Festival, calls Boyhood ‘an entirely fluid work that puts the process of maturity under the microscope and analyyzes its nuamces with remarkable detail.’

Alongside further reviews mirroring the sentiments above and fueling whispers of academy recognition, with the admirable deliveries of his previous productions in the bank, it looks like Linklater has indeed done something to be proud of with Boyhood. Or at least, something worth seeing – if for no other reason than to celebrate the remarkable commitment from IFC Films, the Boyhood financiers. But as Chuck D was so eager to warn us…

To watch the official Boyhood trailer, click here or on the link/image below:

Boyhood – official trailer

Boyhood_film - trailer, lr

On a staggered release across the globe, Boyhood has been out in UK & Ireland cinemas since July 11th and in US & Canadian cinemas from today (July 18th) – with most of the world catching up by the end of September.


Boyhood opens at the Electric Cinema tonight (Fri 18th July) with daily screenings until Thurs 24th July. For more from the Electric Cinema, including show times, directions and full listings, visit https://www.theelectric.co.uk

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