BPREVIEW: Bare Bones – with The Mighty Young, Handwaxx, Liám Mckeown @ Café Artum 01.12.18

BPREVIEW: Bare Bones – with The Mighty Young, Handwaxx, Liám Mckeown @ Café Artum 01.12.18Words by Ed King / Artwork by Rocío Álvarez Osuna

On Saturday 1st December, the inaugural Bare Bones comes to Café Artum – with acoustic sets from The Mighty Young, Handwaxx, and Liám Mckeown.

The event runs from 3pm until 6pm, with three live sets alongside music from Carlton Wainwright on the wheels of steel. Or, you know, the CDs of chaos. Mix tapes of mayhem. The idiosyncrasies of an iPod shuffle…? Whatever the kids are spinning these days.

What we can be sure of is Bare Bones will cost you all of £3 sterling to enter – as presented by The Whisk. Spaces will be limited at Café Artum, with advance tickets available online via Skiddle, click here. Or for more direct event information visit the Bare Bones Facebook event page, click here.

Now this is a good idea… As the Bare Bones promo rhetoric states, ‘expect to see your favourite local artists perform raw, stripped back, great music with no frills’ performing in ‘a bare minimum set up and a super intimate venue’.

It actually says all that the other way around, but the idea of getting some good ol’ garage rock, indie, and six stringed psychedelia played ‘stripped back’ and ‘raw’ absolutely works for – us regardless of what order the words are in. Plus it’s cheap as chips. In fact, it’s cheaper than chips – it’s cheap as a bag of potatoes and a saucepan of cooking oil that will one day become chips. And we like that too.

The Mighty Young are a familiar favourite on the local live circuit, with their barrage of blues and garage rock making a lot of lovely noise in venues across the city for a few years now. ‘Aint alliteration ace… But always a good night out (or in, if you’re throwing a wildly adventurous house party) it will be a rare delight to watch what unfurls when The Mighty Young have to perform sitting down sans distortion pedal. Our money is on ‘quietly kicking ass’. For more on The Mighty Young, visit www.facebook.com/ruttingdevil

Handwaxx are at the somewhat more swirly colours end of the rock rainbow, with a wah wah here and a…  you get the idea. But the Birmingham three piece have been making some pretty noticeable sonic waves recently, and as the Bare Bones Facebook event page says ‘don’t miss your chance check them out in a completely different perspective’ – pun intended, we very much hope. For more on Hardwaxx, visit www.soundcloud.com/handwaxx

And last but by no means least is Liám Mckeown, better known (perhaps, who knows what he does in his spare time) as the centre piece of Brain Food – Birmingham’s delectable ‘swirling psych-soaked four piece’. We like Brain Food a lot, on stage and off, and their commitment to the local music scene is a heart warming addition to the city’s cultural cache.

No idea what Mr Mckeown will be doing flying solo, but we want to find out and suggest you should too. And in the absence of a Liam Mckeown specific URL, for more on Brain Food visit www.facebook.com/brainfoodofficial 

Bare Bones presents its first afternoon of ‘stripped back’ acoustic sets at Café Artum on Saturday 1st December, running from 3pm top 6pm. For more information and links to online ticket sales, visit the Bare Bones Facebook event page – click here

For more on Café Artum, including venue details and further event listings, visit www.cafeartum.co.uk


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