ALBUM: Broken Glances – The Pigeon Detectives

ALBUM: Broken Glances – The Pigeon Detectives

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The Pigeon Detectives will be playing at the O2 Institute on 8th March, as presented by Birmingham Promoters. For direct gig info and online ticket sales, click here.

Words by Michelle Martin

In all seriousness… where have ten years gone?Birmingham Review

It’s been a surprising decade since Wait for Me, The Pigeon Detectives platinum-selling debut album. But hitting double figures in the game clearly hasn’t stopped the indie five piece from Rothwell. After a four year break of flying around the festival circuit and UK venues, they’re back with their fifth studio album, Broken Glances, available through Dance to Radio Records from February 24th.

A slicker, much evolved combination of vocals, synths and drums, Broken Glances is different from their previous work. The Pigeon Detectives‘ new sound is welcoming. However, I’m having overall mixed feelings about Broken Glances – it seems as if two albums had been merged into one.

The smooth, mature sound from opening track ‘Wolves’ makes you immediately question whether it’s a Pigeon Detectives’ record, with a promising new sound and possible next step for the group. The effects of producer Richard Formby appeared to have rubbed off on the band, with beautiful floaty vocals from lead singer Matt Bowman on ‘Munro’.

‘Falling in Love’ andSounding the Alarm’ are also standouts from the album – I’m unashamedly admitting to overplaying these tracks – with a stronger assortment of pulsating synths, soothing piano melodies and soft echo vocals. ‘Falling in Love’ is a far cry from the album tracks on Wait for Me and Emergency.

ALBUM: Broken Glances – The Pigeon Detectives When ‘Stay with Me bombarded my headphones with strong drones of electronic and guitars, I thought a snippet from a Daft Punk demo has slipped in before it switched to an uplifting indie rock number. Although you know a song is good when it gets you up and commencing a new dance number in your bedroom.

‘Lose Control’ felt displaced, along with ‘Postcards’ and ‘Change my World’ – the final tracks on the album, which appeared to have very similar guitar intros. I admit to feeling uninterested; ‘Lose Control obliterating my ears with a bass heavy track and strong dance elements, which felt the most out of place.

Although prominently stronger elements are featured on the album, The Pigeon Detectives are arguably struggling to find their sound on Broken Glances. Moving in the right direction, just perhaps a more solid fluidity is required.

‘Enemy Lines’ – The Pigeon Detectives


The Pigeon Detectives release Broken Glances on Friday 24th February, out via Dance to the Radio. For more on The Pigeon Detectives, visit

For more on Dance to the Radio, visit

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