Ed’s… Highlights – July ’10

The Summer solstice has passed. VW’s are leaving Salisbury Hill and flip flop sales are fighting recession. It can only mean one thing… FESTIVAL SEASON!!!!! I don’t usually endorse exclaimation marks but with promoters risking millions it’s the least I can do. That and give the big local three a push.

Global Gathering / July 30th & 31st – The angel of dance returns to Long Marston, celebrating it’s 10th birthday and being the only UK dance music festival still alive and kicking. Headliners Faithless and Dizee Rascal join pretty much every DJ under the sun for the Godskitchen spawned weekender – www.globalgathering.com

The Big Chill / August 5th to 8th – Born from 700 people on the Black Mountains, The Big Chill is now a firm festival contender. Too eclectic to explain, this year sees a bevy of artists from Massive Attack to DJ Derek scaring the deer at Eastnor Castle. You might even blag a Mr Scruff cuppa – www.bigchill.net

Shambala / August 27th to 30th – Moseley born and bred, this increasingly respected festie needs no local introduction. Not giving a lot away online, the Jibbering boys promise a ‘hailstorm of creative madness’ over the last weekend of summer. Tickets are expected to sell out fast – www.shambalafestival.org

Enjoy x

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