PREVIEW: Weekend at… Birmingham Ballroom / She Screams Murder, Jan 6th & Karma Suite, Jan 7th

New Year’s Resolutions; save money, actually save money, exercise more, talk less, support local bands. One of these is achievable.

Taking on the bravest weekend of the year to promote ANYTHING, the Birmingham Ballroom is giving its first Friday/Saturday to a veritable sausage fest of local musicianship. One Indie, one Metalcore. Or as a dance festival poster would sell it; 9 men, 4 guitars, 2 bands and 1 stage.

And having spent much of last year adding to the stockpiled column inches of those whose 15 minutes are as subjective as a taxi driver’s estimation, the Birmingham Review is keeping good on at least one New Year’s promise. I mean really, exercise more?

Here’s a quick heads up to who, what and when:

She Screams Murder

She Screams Murder

She Screams Murder are a five piece Metalcore band from Brummigem, formerly known as the slightly more pleasant Serenity Lies Within. The police may be asking about the name change lads. As fresh as a new born baby – formed in early 2010, and just as loud, SSM already have a self released EP under their belt, and are planning another one quick smart.

Already picking up some local attention, and I’m cringing at the cliché I’m about to put down, 2012 could be a good year for them. Which they may well deserve (we’ll clarify this in the review) if for nothing else than their sterling work for charity at Brumstock 2010. A one day mini fest that saw bands including; Point Blank Fury, Tread The Blood, My Great Affliction & Leather Pig raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Right…

Karma Suite


Karma Suite

With a worryingly depressed looking publicity shot, Karma Suite are a four piece Indie band from Birmingham. Although front man, Tom Swingler – who’s surname I want to steal by Deed Poll, sounds like he might be from a bit higher up the atlas (again, we’ll try and clarify this).

Drawing on a healthy mix of genres; Rock, Jazz & Folk, Karma Suite have been knocking about since 2009, but ‘making some noise in a series of energetic live shows throughout 2010’. They’ve ‘even put in a few festival appearances’, but the Birmingham Review couldn’t pin down what these were (…to clarify).

Stating ‘intricate percussive elements, melodic bass lines, thought provoking lyrics and a very British guitar sound’, as the reason for their ‘sound that is both familiar and refreshing at the same time’, Karma Suite seem to be solid. Or perhaps just prone to overzealous descriptions. We’ll see, as the list of clarifications grows ever longer.

She Screams Murder play the Birmingham Ballroom on Jan 6th. For more info on the band visit

Karma Suite play the Birmingham Ballroom on Jan 7th. For more info on the band visit

For tickets and info to both gigs, and further venue listings, visit