THE GALLERY: Moseley Folk Festival ’15 @ Moseley Park 04-06.09.15

Anna Calvi @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewWords by Ed King / Pics by Rob Hadley – Indie Images

It’s now officially autumn; the Moseley Folk Festival has been & gone – leaving only the turning leaves and an occasional plastic beaker floating though the suburban park venue. And winter is coming… with only a couple of fireworks and toffee apples to keep us all distracted.

Did you go? Did you enjoy it? Can you remember anything past Saturday lunchtime? We’re The Monkees as irritating/exciting as you thought they might be? Questions, questions…

For a full Birmingham Review you’ll have to wait until Helen Knott shares her two Moseley Folk cents in our LOST REVIEW 2015 anthology, alongside Olly MacNammee’s Public Enemy input from Mostly Jazz – available for purchase from Fri Nov 27th.

In the meantime, the terminatoresque one-man-picture-show that is Rob Hadley has taken a bevy of beautiful snaps, which we have dutifully hovered up into a pretty extensive display.

Click here, or on any of the relevant links, to see THE GALLERY of Moseley Folk Festival ’15 in full.

N.B. Rob is only human, apparently, so there may not be every band from the three day festival in there. But it’s certainly enough to get your cyber chops around until the LOST REVIEW 2015 is available from Fri Nov 27th.


Spiritualized @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewSpritiualized @ Moseley Folk Festival ’15

With a strobe so intense it made a Birmingham Mail photographer physically sick, the Friday night headliner also came draped in dry ice and light. Not the easiest set to shoot, but by the power of a digital SLR and the meticulous manual hands of Mr Hadley, there were a few appropriately shiny moments between the blackouts. Well what do you expect this close to mushroom season.


Du Blonde @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewDu Blonde @ Moseley Folk Festival ’15

As Rock & Roll as you’d expect at a Folk festival, the Woolly Mammoth de-robe and onstage antics of Du Blonde made for some pretty sexy pics – in many senses of the word. Plus there’s nothing like a peroxide Punk staring down a family friendly front row. Check THE GALLERY for the obligatory guitarist double-back-kick-jump too; what a public performance should be made of.


gaz Coombes @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewGaz Coombes @ Moseley Folk Festival ’15

With Wolverine prowess and a set of celebrity gnashers that could swallow Cliff and the Osmonds in a single smile, Gaz Coombes was seemingly made out of clay to play music on stage. Now on his second solo endevour, the ex-Supergrass front man has been singing loud & proud from his new album, Matador, which came out at the start of 2015. And here’s a pic or two to prove it.


Straw throwing  @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewStraw throwing @ Moseley Folk Festival ’15

Part of the Cut A Shine Sunday hoedown; nothing says traditional Folk like a banjo, several pints of cider and assaulting people with bales of hay. Grab your partner by the hand and cover them in straw. Mild mannered mayhem in Moseley Park, the risk assessment must have been a giggle to write.



The Polyphonic Spree  @ Moseley Folk Festival '15 / By Rob Hadley - Indie Images, for Birmingham ReviewThe Polyphonic Spree @ Moseley Folk Festival ’15

And at the other end of the Spititualised rainbow we have… On the road celebrating the 15th anniversary (kind of, sort of) of their debut album, The Beginning Stages Of…, The Polyphonic Spree helped close the Sunday night show at Moseley Folk Festival ’15. After their memorable headline set at Lunar ’14, this was a welcome return to the Moseley Folk fold for the ‘choral rock band from Dallas.’


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