THE GALLERY: Goodnight Lenin + Hoopla Blue, Chartreuse @ Hare & Hounds 06.08.15

Goodnight Lenin / By Rob Hadley - for Birmingham Review

Words by Ed King / Pics by Rob Hadley


On Thursday 6th August, Goodnight Lenin played at the Hare & Hounds – with live support from Hoopla Blue & Chartreuse, alongside the DJs from Killer Wave.This-Is-Tmrw-logo---red

Heralded as a ‘return to their favourite Birmingham venue,’ Goodnight Lenin were sandwiched between a couple of festival dates – squeezing out of the mustard & lettuce to slide onto the Kings Heath stage again. And as with any This Is Tmrw event, the support line up was pretty well placed too; all in all, not bad for a Darwin.

Rob Hadley was there for a Birmingham Review, happy slapping some snaps for THE GALLERY. Links & intros below:

Goodnight Lenin / By Rob Hadley - for Birmingham ReviewGoodnight Lenin

‘Twas the winter of 2014, when Messrs Fell, Conway, McCreedy, Sherlock & Berry released their debut LP to the world – In the Fullness of Time. Now, with another harvest soon approaching (and extra hands working the fields this year) will the fruits of labour bring forth another album from the ‘West Coast Americana… with an old school attitude to music.’ Probably, maybe, hope so, we reckon its gonna be rockier; here’s some visual distraction in the meantime.

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hoopla-blue-(3-of-2)Hoopla Blue

Knock Knock. Who’s there? 4AD, psychedelic Surf Rock, brown sugar chic, smooth vocals, awesome bass lines, hat tips to early Pumpkins & Swervedriver, and a large pestle & mortar. You’d better come in then. One of the more (INSERT COMPLIMENT) bands in Birmingham, Hoopla Blue are absolutely worth some time in the sun. Watc
h out for ‘the Blue’ coming back to the Hare & Hounds – supporting Outfit on 10th Sept ’15.

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Sultry, sublime, Shoegaze; Chartreuse are picking up some well deserved accolades (and alliteration) since forming in 2014. Fronted by confident yet ethereal vocals, and backed by a languid blanket of dreamlike loveliness, Chartreuse are the b*stard love child of Mazzy Starr and the more early morning side of The Velvet Underground. Also appearing at the All Years Leaving festival in late October – bring a comfy cushion along and check ‘em out.

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This is Tmrw are arguably one of the more tenacious promoters in the city; battling through the Lacoste shirts of a musically moribund Solihull, to rest between the more welcoming walls of the Hare & Hounds – all the way, promoting bands that may have side stepped Birmingham altogether.

And like, loathe or simply don’t know who they are putting on, if you see a name in capitals on a Lewes Herriot flyer it’s probably worth some attention.

So, with a finger on Google and thumb on Spotify…

Ought @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 3rd

Outfit @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 10th

Girlpool @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 11th

Pins @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 22nd

Surfer Blood @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 24th

Kid Wave @ Hare & Hounds / Sept 30th

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