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Heroes - screen shot

RELEASE: “Heroes” (David Bowie) by SHATTER EFFECT

Words by Ed King Following the announcement of David Bowie’s death (on Monday 11th January for those of you living in a shoe box) the UK… nay world, has been gripped in a seemingly unstoppable explosion of nostalgia and celebration. Major radio stations have pulled out every piece of interview they can, the national tour operators are hastily pitching […]

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Daughter / By Francesca Jane Allen

RELEASE: Not to Disappear – Daughter

Words by Ed King / Pics courtesy of 4AD – ‘The World is Spinning Around’ (album artwork) by Sarah Shaw, lead photograph by Francesca Jane Allen I love my iPhone. Its ‘old’ enough to create nostalgia, pity and scorn, but has been appreciated company on many long journeys. Even though the buttons don’t fully work, I can’t […]

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Maxïmo Park @ O2 Institute 18.12.15 / By Ed Taylor (Digital Flow)

BREVIEW: Maxïmo Park @ O2 Institute 18.12.15

      Words by Helen Knott / Pics by Ed Taylor (Digital Flow) The first time I saw Maxïmo Park live was in 2005, in the small upstairs room of a Sheffield pub. There were about 15 of us in the crowd. Through the course of that gig I think that we all realised this band […]

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The Hungry Ghosts - supporting Alabama 3 @ The Oobleck 04.12.15 / By Rob Hadley (Indie Images)


Pics from Rob Hadley (Indie Images) & Harry Mills / Video by Ed Taylor (Digital Flow)       **The Hungry Ghosts play at The Sunflower Lounge on Wednesday 23rd December – with Amber Riot, Lizards + Cinema. Doors open at 7:30pm with tickets at £3 (advance), for direct gig info click here** _________ “They’re […]

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The Clothes Show Live '15 @ NEC 04-8.12.15 / By Ed Taylor - Birmingham Review

BREVIEW: The Clothes Show Live ’15 @ NEC 04-8.12.15

Words by Sasha Holt / Michelle Martin (Visual Voice Media) & Pics by Ed Taylor (Digital Flow) Hello fashionistas, it’s finally happened, I’m back through the wardrobe from the fashion land full of surprises, better known as The Clothes Show Live 2015. Having visited this event a number of times before, whilst at The Clothes Show […]

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