SWINGAMAJIG REVIEW 2016: Available from 13th June

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Swingamajig Review 2016, our 32 page souvenir with extended coverage from this year’s Swingamajig Festival,Swingamajig Review & Chai Stall / By Michelle Martin will be on shelf from the 13th June.

Priced at £5+p&p, you can pick up a copy direct from us at Birmingham Review or over the counter at venues/outlets across the city.

To keep up to date with where, when, even why you can get your hands on the Swingamajig Review 2016 – click here.


Over the past fortnight, the Swingamajig Review 2016 editorial team has been pooling its words, pics, memories & hazy/dubious recollections – compiling a compendium of decadent debauchery from May 1st. There have been laughs, there The Tootsie Rollers @ Swingamajig 2016 / By Michelle Martinhave been tears, there was one moment of serious confusion, but we’ve got a stonker of a souvenir from Swingamajig 2016 for you.

Just like being back there again (except with a mug of tea and a comfy seat) the Swingamajig Review 2016 is a perfect little keepsake from one of the most fun events on the city’s calendar. So if you were at Swingamajig 2016, or even if you weren’t but wanted to, you should really treat yourself to a copy – for proof, posterity and every reason in between. Remember the glitz, remember the glamour; remember how freakin’ cold was it on the roof terrace at 4am!?!?! IMGP0613

But honestly, I’m not sure how some of us made it home. You know that moment when you wake up on a strange sofa, in a strange room, in a strange house, with a peacock feather stuck to your… anyway, times that by a gazillion; let’s just say you all had a LOT OF FUN. Naughty monkeys.

N.B If you came to see us at the Swingamajig Review tent to have your moment of madness captured on camera, please check out our profile pics – click here. All should have been emailed out safely by now to The Destroyers (interview) @ Swingamajig 2016 / By Michelle Martinthe email addresses we took down at the event, but if you’re on here and you’ve still not got yours then give us a shout.

A 32 PAGE SWINGAMAJIG REVIEW, FOR ONLY FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS STERLING!?!?! WHAT A BARGAIN, I hear you cry…  But in the interests of a healthy free market here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside.Fine fashion @ Swingamajig 2016 / By Ella Carman

Read Helen Knott’s full festival Swingamajig 2016 feature, traversing the burlesque shows and Balkan jazz mosh pits (…not for the weak footed) of this year’s event.

Follow Kimberley Owen as she stalks the dappers & flappers to bring you a special fashion feature from Birmingham’s best-dressed-fest.

Whilst Ed King enjoys chai, rum and the occasional almond biscuit with The Destroyers; well, some of them anyway (it was a small tent).

There are also interviews with the glamorous gals from The Tootsie Rollers, Bristol’s ‘definitive party band’ The Rin Tins, The ‘Queen of Queerlesque’ Rubyyy Jones, and ‘Suffolk’s premier The Rin Tins @ Swingamajig 2016 / By Ella Carmaninternational Electro Swing artist’ Tallulah Goodtimes. Plus the extended Swingamajig Review 2016 – Picture Gallery, bang in the middle of it all. Not bad for a fiver.

We’ll be drip feeding you tantalizing morsels of the Swingamajig Review 2016 souvenir over the coming weeks – before we shamelessly try and make some money and put the damn thing on sale.

But we’re a little itchy in the content trigger finger department, so click here to read our Q&D (quick & dirty) vox pop with The Rin Tins – a band so lovely I’m honestly exploring adoption.

Swingamajig Review 2016 will be available from 13th June. For updates, offers, more info & pre orders – click here.

For more on the Swingamajig Festival, visit http://swingamajig.co.uk/

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