REVIEW/TOUR DIARY: Everybody Looks Famous @ The Rainbow, 5th Apr ‘15

By Edward Taylor / Digital FlowWords & pics by Edward Taylor / Digital Flow

As we turn up to The Rainbow, for another gig put on by European Tour Collective, we are welcomed by an onslaught of excited hipsters walking past the venue. At first we think this is going to be one of those random sell out shows.

But whilst the band load out their gear we see we are wrong – as the never ending stream of people enter the 48 hour rave just next door, with one of the crowd already needing paramedics by 7pm in the afternoon.

Yet that is not the end to the drama, as we are shortly met with the news that the second band are a performer down; the guitarist from Guilt City had fallen off the Birmingham Bull, seriously hurting his arm only hours before. But still the drama continues.

With this being the second night of a six night tour, and Everybody Looks Famous‘s team feeling less than fresh from the night before in Cheltenham, we battle on through the sound check and eventually the gig begins.

The first act tonight is the four piece Damson in Distress. Fair play to these guys as their lead singer had been hit with food poisoning the night before which forced them to completely change their set and turn them into a three piece.By Edward Taylor / Digital Flow

One outcome of this is a cover of The Cure’s ‘Boys don’t Cry’ in Reggae style, which they comment their lead singer would have hated if she was not bed bound.

The second band on (and like I said, a man down) are Guilt City. Their fun/classic rock style,
although very different from the other bands on the bill, gets everyone in the crowd who has long hair off their bums and whipping it back ‘n’ forth.

By Edward Taylor / Digital FlowAlthough you can quite easily say these guys would do better as a cover band, the fact they are able to find their own voice gives them that fun edge. Even without their main guitarist, the vocals and fast drums are more than enough to keep people’s attention – although not as strong as their first gig, the night before. Memorable though, Guilt City from Newcastle are ones to look out for in the future.

Next is the four piece band Elessar, and although tonight is their second ever gig it doesn’t show. Comparable to acts like Lower than Atlantis and Fightstar, Elessar are an appealing new band – making their statements on stage and solidifying their place on the bill.By Edward Taylor / Digital Flow

During their set the lead guitarist has a few technical problems, yet battles through without affecting the performance too much. With strong song writing and a host of fresh material, Elessar remind us they have a new music video out in June called ‘Animals’.

Second to last is The Wilde, living the band dream; these lads have so much energy on stage it is hard to see whether they are coming and going.

By Edward Taylor / Digital FlowCompletely entertaining and definitely worth seeing live. Again with a music video coming out, for their second single called ‘Bad Bones’ – taken from their double Young Libertine EP, set for release on 7th April. The Wilde also have a gig with The Xcerts booked on the 13th April in York.

Finally is the headline act, Everybody Looks Famous. And as the top of the bill they did not disappoint, with lots of energy and great fun coming off stage. Their sound is great, even fighting though a small problem with the guitarist’s amp at the start of the set.

By Edward Taylor / Digital FlowWith only four dates on this tour Everybody Looks Famous are really giving it their all, helped by touring friends White clouds and Gunfire turning up at the end to supply JD & Coke to the band on stage.

All this is documented by a crew of handsome media running around collecting footage for an upcoming live documentary on Everybody Looks Famous featuring their song, ‘Kaleidoscope’, being filmed by George Wood (aka King for a day Media).

By Edward Taylor / Digital FlowAll in all a superb gig at The Rainbow. And with four more dates on the tour calendar, the next all the way up in Edinburgh, there is a lot more to look forward to.

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