REVIEW: Young Kato @ The Rainbow, 13th Apr ‘15

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Words by Ceri Black / Pics by Jonathan Morgan

Having previously released only EP’s, Young Kato embark on their first tour to actively promote an album – their debut, Don’t Wait ‘til Tomorrow, is set for release on 3rd May. And I, for one, don’t know what to expect from tonight’s gig.young kato IMG_7332

Formed in 2011, Young Kato flew somewhat under the mainstream radar until an appearance on the ‘reality’ TV show Made in Chelsea – bringing them significant national exposure, and increasing popularity with a teenage fanbase. A twist of fate that could help explain the average age of the crowd at The Rainbow tonight.

young kato IMG_7312Lead singer Tommy Wright confesses that they have always struggled with crowd numbers in Birmingham until tonight, and seems genuinely honoured to see a room (albeit a small one) filled with people.  However I question the validity (spending power, loyalty, longevity) of an audience so youthful, many of them have had to bring their parents to gain entry.

Thankfully, one song into the set I swiftly throw my cynicism away and decide to enjoy myself; opening with tracks ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Light It Up’, Young Kato play with a vibrant and colourful energy.young kato IMG_7225

And despite the stage being hardly big enough to contain their six members, instruments and enough bouncing around to make me tired just watching them, Young Kato own it with the confidence of an accomplished band. Remember, as of tonight, these boys have yet to release an album – there’s a long way still to go for Young Kato.

But even in the face of a less than enthusiastic audience when new tracks such as ‘Stephanie’ are played, Young Kato produce almost perfect synth-pop that oozes with style and likability – leaving me curious and wanting to hear more.

young kato IMG_7147And to end on as much of a guarantee as you can have, Young Kato round off tonight’s gig with a raucous and unrestrained delivery of their signature song ‘Drink Dance Play’ – a finale that has the whole room chanting the chorus along with them.

Despite the small stage, limited space and therefore questionable venue decision, Young Kato play with the assurance and boldness of a band that deserve a lot more recognition. Hopefully, their upcoming album will give these boys another justified break.

Don’t Wait ‘til Tomorrow is set for release on 3rd May 2015. For more form Young Kato, visit

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