REVIEW: Lucy Rose @ Hare & Hounds, June 14th

Words by Cesilia Oriana Trecaquista / Pictures by Maht

For the past few years, 22 year old Lucy Rose has been quietly grafting away; D.I.Y style. Her folk orientated songwriting established her name, with the strong turnout at the Hare & Hounds a testament to this.

After the support acts, Matt Sheehan and Nathan Holme (who displayed some impressive if not slightly self-indulgent loop pedal skills), Rose takes to the stage in a brightly coloured top; distinguishing her small frame from the other on-stage activities.

Her band, extremely handsome looking and perfectly in sync, open with ‘Middle of the Bed’; one of Lucy Rose’s first self released singles. Rose remains in command of the four piece without removing herself once from her stool.

Her onstage persona is as unassuming and humble as it is off-stage; informing me beforehand that this is probably the closest to her native Warwickshire that she’s played on her current tour. As many friends and family had come to see her play, this could be considered somewhat of a homecoming gig. Rose laughs off a cry of “you’re amazing”, claiming she recognises the voice as a family friend.

Lucy Rose’s voice is fragile, sweet, strong and commanding. There’s little interaction with the audience between songs, apart from the odd “are you all ok?” and concerns if the reflection off her guitar is blinding the crowd. Her awkwardness is endearing, but hard to understand against songs performed with such conviction.

Rose plays a mesmerising rendition of ‘Shiver’, with an exemplary three or four part harmonisation including male falsettos (which in my opinion, is always good), and a soul-wrenching piano arrangement. ‘Shiver’ did exactly as it said on the tin.

The differing time signatures and tempo of ‘Red Face’ again show the synchronicity of the band, commanding the full attention of the Hare & Hounds audience until the final strum of Rose’s guitar.

Having travelled from Dublin that day, Lucy Rose and her band delivered a performance as energised and polished as anyone could’ve asked for.

But the maturity of Rose’s songwriting, at just 22, makes her a genuinely exciting prospect.

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