REVIEW: Bakery Sessions (Jazz night) @ York’s Cafe & Bakery, Mon 24th Feb

Percy Pursglove @ Bakery Sessions, York's Cafe & Bakery - Mon 24th Feb '14

Words by Althea Patterson / Pics by Lucy Heath

If you’ve been curious about going to a Jazz night, but felt put off at the prospect of it being chock full of Louis Balfour types, then rest assured – at York’s Cafe & Bakery not a bad bowl cut or Polo neck jumper were to be seen.  This is seemingly where the cool folk go on a Monday, as curious and cold passersby looked in through the large Newhall Street front window.

Bakery Sessions, York's Cafe & Bakery - Mon 24th Feb '14

An easygoing crowd munched pizzas, sipped fine blended teas and displayed an array of impressive tattoos to rival to art on the walls; positioning themselves at the best vantage point for the aptly titled ‘Bakery Sessions’.

Bakery Sessions, York's Cafe & Bakery - Mon 24th Feb '14

Eschewing polo necks for Adidas and Diesel, the band got down to entertaining us loudly and heartily. I could list their songs, their interplay; but frankly, I was too busy having a fantastic time just watching them. But I will mention a voluptuous rendition of Thelonious Monk’s Green Chimneys that led us down a winding bourbon soaked alley, where I wanted to stay all night long.

The room soon packed out with people and instrument cases lining the tables. I was lucky to get a front row seat, a nose length away from band leader Percy Pursglove’s trumpet spit valve – nothing like it.

Gareth Fowler @ Bakery Sessions, York's Cafe & Bakery - Mon 24th Feb '14As for the rest of the band; guitarist Gareth Fowler may not have been moving as much as some would like, but he was in his own world where strings and wood ruled. A study of concentration, he played beautifully much to the obvious respect of his band mates; I adored him.

Bass player Mark Hodgson played his instrument with aplomb and ease, and as you don’t see a double bass every day I revelled in its unapologetically bossy sound. Bass players always look so damn cool in my opinion…Mark Hodgson @ Bakery Sessions, York's Cafe & Bakery - Mon 24th Feb '14

Elsewhere we had Chris Young, Ewan Palmer, Mark Fletcher; and I apologise if I don’t get all musician’s names, but the whole evening’s line up were fantastically entertaining.

So stick it in your diary, Jazz night/Bakery Sessions at York’s Cafe & Bakery every Monday. Get out there and listen to something new, live and local; see fingers slap, pluck and stroke strings, alongside crisp brass notes and effortless percussion. Wonderful stuff.

And at the tail end of a cold February, with a bevy of tea, coffee & cakes only an arm’s length away, I can’t think of a better way to warm yourself up.

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