REVIEW: The Ordinary Boys @ Hare & Hounds, Sun 23rd Nov

The Ordinary Boys @ Hare & Hounds - by Paul Reynolds / For the full Flickr of pics, click here

Words by Ceri Black / Pics by Paul Reynolds

I last saw The Ordinary Boys in 2011 for their Maybe Somebody tour, a supposed farewell and UK wide chance for their loyal fans to say goodbye to a band they’d loved for nearly a decade.The Ordinary Boys @ Hare & Hounds - by Paul Reynolds /

Fast forward three years and The Ordinary Boys are back, with new songs, a new member (Louis Jones of Indie band Spectral) and a new tour. I’m back too; this time at the Hare & Hounds, to watch The Ordinary Boys (hopefully) re-ignite the fervour I’ve seen them play with on many occasions before.

Opening with classic songs ‘Over the Counter Culture’ followed by ‘Talk Talk Talk’, the crowd’s spirits (which were dampened by the idea of being out on a Sunday) appeared to pick up.

The Ordinary Boys @ Hare & Hounds - by Paul Reynolds / was cheering, I’m pretty sure someone was dancing right at the front, and although the numbers were small the band seemed genuinely pleased to see at least some people in the audience. Frontman Preston charmed us with stories about nothing, even joining in with the hecklers and adding to an already relaxed atmosphere.

But for such an established venue as the Hare & Hounds the sound quality was, for the best part of the set, disappointing. Preston’s vocals in their new single ‘Awkward’ were drowned in a muffled mess of bass, making this comeback track unfortunately live up to its name.

Thankfully though all sound issues appeared to have been sorted (or forgotten) when Ranking Jr of The Beat joined The Ordinary Boys on stage – performing a great rendition of their mega hit, and definite crowd pleaser, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’The Ordinary Boys @ Hare & Hounds - by Paul Reynolds /

But after the set ended, being rounded off with a tribute to The Ramones, I couldn’t help but feel that The Ordinary Boys should maybe have left on a high note back in 2011.

Despite being devoted I’m not convinced that The Ordinary Army, or even ordinary fans, are ready to embrace the band’s new material. Perhaps, in the end, a ‘reunion’ tour would’ve been more appropriate.

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