PREVIEW: The Staves @ The Glee Club, April 29th

The Staves (l-r; Camilla, Emily & Jessica Staveley-Taylor)

The Staves are a vocal harmony Folk trio from Watford; or Emily, Jessica and Camila Staveley-Taylor if you’re friends, family or calling the register.

Embarking on their first headline tour, having previously supported Willy Mason and Josh Ritter, The Staves are playing 15 dates across the UK – coming to The Glee Club in Birmingham on 29th April.

Sisters and band members, The Staves have seemingly crept up through the modern day Folk scene; already releasing two EPs, playing the SXSW festival with Ben Drummond, and appearing on studio recordings with Fionn Regan and Tom Jones.

Promulgating the new wave/traditional approach, The Staves’ single guitar rhythms and lead vocals, adorned with near perfect choral harmonies, have brought obvious comparisons to (old and new) female Folk artists whose surnames begin with ‘M’.

But, even whilst admitting ‘I am a wisp of a woman, in a burst of wind I disappear like smoke’, The Staves balance a dichotomy of youth and tradition – or as their press release calls it; ‘a melding of still, bright English folk and sublime West Coast pop.’

A sound the press release goes on to claim, ‘performed live, is capable of plunging an audience into awed silence.’ A proud declaration, or a length of linguistic rope that’s long enough for three? The Birmingham Review will find out on April 29th.

Out on April 23rd, you can pre order The Staves’ 3rd EP, ‘The Motherlode’, at iTunes now; with their 2nd EP, ‘Mexico’, available for purchase.

You can also download their 1st EP, ‘Live at Cecil Sharp House’, free on their website

The Staves’ debut album is set for release in autumn ‘12.

The Staves play The Glee Club (B’ham) on Sun 29th April.

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