PREVIEW: Subvert presents… Dantanna, Culture Dub Orchestra, Malarky + DJ Christy @ Wagon & Horses, Fri 25th July

Event posterSubvert Soundsytem return to the Wagon & Horses in Digbeth tonight (Fri 25th July), presenting live sets from Dantanna, Culture Dub Orchestra & Malarky, with DJ Christy. The night runs from 9pm to 3am with a £5 door charge.Birmingham Preview /

Champions of the DIY party scene, Subvert reportedly started out as ‘a pair of JBL Control 10 speakers’ back in 2003; not much risk of Funktion-One nose bleed, but gets the job done.

Now ‘broadcasting’ through a stacked out touring rig & desk, the Midland’s based Soundsystem have been hosting parties that cut across Punk, Reggae, Ska and Dub – featuring local live acts alongside the occasional interloper.

Firm at the helm tonight are Dantanna, who first blipped on Birmingham Review’s screen thanks to John Noblet – read his last review of Dantanna here, from Subvert Soundsystem @ Wagon & Horse, Sat 29th March.Dantanna /

Having over doubled (just) in size since conception, Dantanna now boast eleven members – playing their self described ‘music for cock knockers and party people’. And with nearly half of them on vocals at one point or another you can imagine how crowded the front of a Dantanna stage can get.

But they work, and they work hard; fronted by the illustrious Dan Skins, Dantanna are seldom far from some gig somewhere – maintaining a near constant presence on our aforementioned radar.

But see for yourself – watch Dantanna play at Manchester’s Band on the Wall below:

Dantanna Band on the Wall

In support, well part of it, are Culture Dub Orchestra (CDO) – a six piece Midland’s ensemble, who came together from other musical endevours just over a year ago. And despite the seeming trend to call everything an ‘orchestra’ CDO defend their moniker with a bevy of accompaniment.

Plus Dub is right at the heart of them, with the importance of delivering it live also a key component. Taking inspiration from a spread of cultures and traditions, CDO present themselves as something defiantly worth a watch. But again, see for yourself below.

Culture Dub Orchestra @ The Bull’s Head


Bringing up the rear tonight are Malarky, a five piece mash up of Ska, Rock, Dub and approaches to hair. Stealing Tamar ‘Juganaut’ Bedward from the Dantanna line up there’s a strong Rap contingent to them now too. And as the promoters of tonight’s gig themselves admit, Malarky are a fusion of ‘punk, funk, ragga and something I’m not quite sure of but its good’. Fu*k it. Sold.

Watch Malarky on Gibbon TV, click here or on the image below:

Malarky on Gibbon TV

Subvert Soundsytem present Dantanna, Culture Dub Orchestra & Malarky, with DJ Christy – at the Wagon & Horses in Digbeth tonight (Fri 25th July). 9pm to 3am with a £5 door charge. For further info, visit

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