PREVIEW: Peace @ O2 Academy, Fri 13th Dec

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Words by Ed King / pic by Charli Rose

Friday 13th December, Peace will be performing at the O2 Academy – brought to you by Birmingham Promoters.

On the road for ‘their biggest headline tours so far’, Peace return to the city centre venue after a significantly smaller homecoming back in April. Friday 13th, auspicious for many reasons, will see Worcester’s Indie kings close out their 13 date UK tour, playing in the 02 Academy’s 3,000 capacity main arena. Exciting stuff.

Formed in 2010 (not counting any previous incarnations) and picked up by Columbia in 2012, Brothers Kossier & Co have seemingly lived the garage band dream over the past few years – hitting a zenith with their debut album, In Love, coming out in March this year.

Releasing album singles in quick succession, the (truly awesome) ‘Wraith’ was first out to play in January, followed by re-releases of ‘Follow Baby’ in March and ‘California Daze’ in April, and finally (the incongruously awful) ‘Lovesick’ being the last set free in June.

But despite a seemingly blessed rise to prominence, Peace made their mark the hard way (or the old way, at least) by building a solid local fan base and self releasing their debut single, ‘Follow Baby’, in April 2012. On 7” vinyl too, gaw’d bless ‘em.

Soon after, the media and majors started to take note (…which is where our story begins) and Peace quickly signed to Columbia – releasing EP Delicious in Sept 2012. ‘Wraith’ followed a few months later, confidently kickstarting the pre-album hype, and Peace prepared for a promising UK tour to push In Love. All good.

Then somewhere along the way ‘Lovesick’ happened, and the band that once described their style as “dark melodic indie techno” appeared to embrace a more marketable psychedelic pop approach; think Monkees not Leary.

And whilst Peace appear, from all the 3rd party input we could garner, to be genuinely gregarious – and as much a rock and roll band as a rock and roll band should be, the sound of marketing mechanics is now subtly ever present.

As I write this preview the chorus to ‘Follow Baby’ runs round my head, as does the opening riff to ‘Bloodshake’; and Peace’s blistering attack on Binary Finary’s Trance anthem ‘1998’ is as ambitious and creative as any cover should be. But I also remember a shaky stage presence in April, limited love, and the spectre of self abuse casting shadows over a hometown crowd who really deserved more.

But when they get it right, Peace get it very right indeed. My fear is that the major label hunger for an easy image and quick fu… buck, will stifle this honestly bright band before they’ve had a chance to grow stronger and shine.

So it is with baited breath and fingers crossed, we once again shout:

Friday 13th December, Peace will be performing at the O2 Academy – brought to you by Birmingham Promoters.

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