PREVIEW: Nerina Pallot @ The Glee Club (B’ham), Weds 29th Oct


Pics by Katja Ogrin / – taken at The Glee Club on 17.2.13

Nerina Pallot returns to The Glee Club on Wednesday 29th October. Doors open at 7pm, with tickets priced at £18.50 + booking fee.

Writing and performing songs for both piano and guitar, Nerina Pallot began composing when just 13 – citing ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush as a mark behind her musical endevours.Nerina Pallot @ The Glee Club / By Katja Ogrin

Balancing a gift for melody with classical training, Pallot’s songs are self described as ‘exquisitely crafted pop’ – stepping from solo piano ballets to guitar led radio edits with a consistent identity.

‘Sophia’, the second single from her second album, was nominated for an Ivor Novello Award in 2007, whilst Nerina Pallot herself was nominated for BRIT’s Best British Female Solo Artist Award the same year.

NerinaPallot_Glee_Feb13-17Her last album, Year of the Wolf, ranges from the ‘highly addictive’ lead single ‘Put Your Hands Up’, to the smoky Jazz drawl of ‘All Bets Are Off’.

Previous releases, such as ‘Idaho’ – Pallot’s ‘manifesto song’ and reminder of personal resilience, and the calling up of a nation’s call to arms in ‘Everybody’s Going to War’, represent a wide portfolio from Pop to poignancy.

But as a performer Nerina Pallot once more comes into her own, with endearing live shows and a busy schedule accruing a loyal army of fans over her thirteen year musical career – with many travelling across the UK to catch her at various stages of a tour.

Nerina Pallot comes to The Glee Club on Wednesday 29th midway through UK autumn tour. Ed King will be there for a Birmingham Review.

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It’s simple for me; I’m a sucker for piano.

I first heard of Nerina Pallot after ‘Put Your Hands Up’ was marching through its mainstream radio plays, its ridiculously addictive melody grabbing my ears and compelling me to Google. I still can’t hear this song, in private or public, without having to, HAVING TO sing along. It’s like crack, with sugar frosting and lyrics.

But it was watching Ms Pallot perform ‘Sophia’ on some miserable Gloria Hunniford show (a place I once took an 8ft bear) that simply broke me apart; seeing this song performed live is still one of my most memorable memories. As I said, sucker/piano.

And whilst there’s some of Pallot’s portfolio that’s too Pop for me, the frustrated superstar perhaps at the helm, I am constantly challenged with new material – her (relatively) recent cover of Ce Ce Peniston’s club classic ‘Finally’ being nothing short of inspired. Lyrically too; I mean, how often do you hear Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance referenced in song?

But waffle, waffle, platitude, counterpoint. Doesn’t matter. Click here or on the image below and decide for yourself, just mute the segue:

Sophia - GH

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