PREVIEW: Natalie Duncan @ The Glee Club, Dec 4th

Singing, writing and playing piano at around 5 years-old’, today aged 24; Natalie Duncan is now the proud matriarch of her own album – ‘Devil in Me’.

Nearly two decades after the Surrey born singer-songwriter “realised I was a bit obsessive about music”, Duncan’s 14 track debut was released on Verve Records in July this year.

Described by her website as ‘soul, classical and jazz infused compositions’, ‘Devil in Me’ is also heralded with ‘huge crossover pop potential’; despite the source’s reticence to the mainstream genre.

Citing influence from Freddie McGregor, Pink Floyd, Gil Scott Heron, Professor Longhair and Sly & Robbie; Natalie Duncan says “I guess my music has an element of soul and songwriting, but also melody and misery.”

Her eponymous debut EP – ‘Natalie Alexis Duncan’, which preceded her album by three years, won the attention of Simon Gavin from Decca Records. And after a reportedly year long persuasion, Gavin finally signed Duncan to Verve, the Decca imprint; bringing in musician and producer – Joe Henry, to turn Duncan’s 8 track demos into a commercial release.

Despite initial doubts about being tied to a record label, Duncan states she is now glad I’m with a label that basically sent me off to do exactly what I wanted to do, and make the record I wanted to make without interference.”

Since signing to Verve, Duncan has released her first single through the label, ‘Sky is Falling’, and has collaborated with both Magnetic Man and Goldie; the latter inviting her to be part of his Goldie’s Band – By Royal Appointment programme for the BBC.

Natalie Duncan also features on Goldie’s single, ‘Freedom’, released on Metalheadz in April this year.

Now touring the UK, Natalie Duncan comes to The Glee Club (Studio) on Dec 4th.

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