PREVIEW: Low @ The Glee Club, April 2nd

Low (l-r, Alan Sparhawk, Steve Garrington, Mimi Parker)

Indie three piece, Low, are the forerunners of post punk down tempo rock; or ‘slowcore’ for short.

Formed in Duluth, Minnesota in 1993, founding member’s Alan Sparhawk and John Nicholls joked about playing toned down rock to the Grunge hungry crowds. The joke became a reality, and after recruiting Sparhawk’s wife – Mimi Parker, to brush drums and sing harmonies, the reality became an album. Low’s debut release, ‘I Could Live In Hope’, came out on Virgin imprint – Vernon Yard, in 1994.

Developing a low end sound, using prominent bass lines and tempered percussion, Low manipulate simple melodies with wall of sound layered rock and electronica. UK artists including The Reindeer Selection, David Kitt and even The XX (make of that what you will) have all been cited to the genre.

The angriest Mormons in history, Low have also had their fair share of spats. With a Spinal Tap approach to their back line (or bass players at least), and hop scotching labels; until both joining Sub Pop and forming their own – Chairkickers’ Union, Low have seemingly not sailed plainly.

But sail they have, far and wide. Low’s significant portfolio screams louder than their front man at the End of the Road festival (on stage guitar strop in ’08 –, at the end of an otherwise well lauded set), and the fact that most ex-members are still involved in sideline projects helps redress the chemical imbalance.

Plus, with the backing of a worked for and earned fanbase – including most notably Robert Plant, Low have continued continuing for nearly two decades, relentlessly touring stage shows, where their signature production reputedly evolves into a full, engaging sound on stage.

They’ve also got new album to shout about, ‘C’mon’, and a tour with Death Cab For Cutie starting a week after their European headliners. So they must be doing something, and something must be right. Right?

Low play The Glee Club (B’ham) on April 2nd, Oluseyi Kolade will be there for the Birmingham Review.

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