PREVIEW: Frightened Rabbit + Lanterns on the Lake @ The Institute, Mon 11th Nov


Birmingham Review last saw Frightened Rabbit in February, as they were two dates into their Pedestrian Verse tour. Melancholic melodic Indie Rock, with poignant videos that could make you jump from a high rise; there could be worse bands to listen to.

Lanterns on the Lake first appeared on our radar supporting Low, bringing a mercifully needed high point to an otherwise disappointing (and rarely so) evening at The Glee Club. BR caught them again at this year’s Moseley Folk Festival in Sept and has had one eye open for the Geordie five piece ever since.

On Monday Nov 11th, Frightened Rabbit headline at The Institute with Lanterns on the Lake in support. Like/loathe/lack any knowledge about either – Monday’s Institute gig is a solid double whammy which Birmingham Review believes deserves a bit of attention, if not attendance.

Heather Judge will be there for a Birmingham Review.


Frightened Rabbit

Back in Birmingham as part of their Autumn tour, covering the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Australia – Frightened Rabbit are busy promoting ‘The Woodpile EP’; rereleasing Pedestrian Verse’s second single, ‘The Woodpile’, along with three new tracks.

The Woodpile ep

Doing one more global tour with Pedestrian Verse, the Scottish five piece have hinted at studio album No5 on their return. And after signed to Atlantic Records in 2010, and keeping the major label waiting three years until giving them an LP to sell, the pressure of a new paymaster may be a driving force.

But not known for curtailing to… well most things, even their own appreciation of themselves, Frightened Rabbit must have something they want to say – despite lead rabbit, Scott Hutchinson, admitting the only worry, especially on the West Coast and California, is the effect that may have on my writing, and whether I would be all happy and full of vitamins.”

Happiness, heaven forbid; what would happen to the Scottish Rock scene if that notion caught on.

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Lanterns on the Lake


Champions of the violin-guitar (or guitar-violin, perhaps) Lanterns on the Lake formed in 2007 – self releasing two home grown EPs, before signing to Bella Union at the end of 2012.

Near enough a year later and their debut LP, Gracious Tide Take Me Home, was doing the low-fi shuffle around the world wide web – seeing the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne five piece support Explosions in the Sky and Low on their UK tours.

Out on the road promoting their new LP, Until the Colours Run,  Lanterns on the Lake will be playing nine UK dates with Frightened Rabbit, three solo (Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen), then seven dates in early 2014 across North America and Canada.


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Frightened Rabbit + Lanterns on the Lake play The (Birmingham) Institute on Monday November 11th, with further support from Paul Thomas Saunders – brought to you by Birmingham Promoters and Kilimanjaro Live.

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