PREVIEW: Fink @ The Glee Club, 19th February

(Fink – aka Fin Greenall)

Fink, aka Fin Greenall, has been knocking out music since the early nineties.

Originally part of the ambient techno gravy train, inspired by obvious luminaries – The Orb, Aphex Twin and Moby (in the days before advert based PRS cheques), Fink left behind his EVA moniker and started experimenting with live sounds over breaks on his 1997 Fink Funk album – released on Ninja Tune’s subsidiary label, N-Tones.

Two years later Fink released Front Side, a 4 track EP that continued to use live and laid back melodies, whilst this time tempering the fractured drum loops.

Then in 2006, he moved away from Electronica altogether with the release of ‘Biscuits for Breakfast’ – a 9 track collaboration with Guy Whittaker and Tim Thornton, making him Ninja Tune’s first singer/songwriter.

Three albums later, Fink is still a firm fixture on Ninja Tunes and still releasing acoustic guitar led melodies. Although his 2007 album, Distance and Time, incorporated production from Lamb’s Andy Barlow, whilst his subsequent 2009 album ‘Sort of Revolution’ saw collaborations with John Legend and Professor  Green.

Then, after a couple of years on tour and in studio, Fink released his 5th full length album – ‘Perfect Darkness’, a mature evolution of soulful vocals and acoustic music.

Produced by Billy Bush, Garbage’s longstanding knob twiddler, ‘Perfect Darknss’ was received as ‘a writhing, surprisingly meaty addition to the over-crowded singer-songwriter genre’ by the BBC’s Ian Wade, one with ‘enough individuality as not to get brushed aside with the prefix ‘just another’.

An warm review echoed by others in the UK’s music media, with Caroline Sullivan in The Guardian stating Fink’s ‘contemplative guitar/drum/string arrangements… often achieves such loveliness you don’t want it to end’.

Undoubtedly experienced, arguably accomplished, Fink has been grafting within the UK music scene for two decades. And with a wide portfolio of proficient releases, in genres that have seen high profile artist acclaim, it’s almost strange that Fink isn’t better known.

And whilst liking him is up to you (we’re all about free will at the Birmingham Review), he’s certainly earned 6min 39sec of your attention. I mean, what’s a boy got to do to get heard in this town..?

Fink plays The Glee Club on Sunday 19th February. For tickets and info visit

Ed King will be there for the Birmingham Review.

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