PREVIEW: Espirito Brum @ various venues, 11th to 16th Sept

The melting pot that is our fair city bubbles over once again in Espirito Brum (the spirit of Birmingham), from Sept 11th to 16th.

Seeping into venues across the city, Espirito Brum is a five day ‘cross cultural celebration bringing together artists from Brazil, Birmingham and the wider UK, in a festival that forms part of an ongoing global exchange’. Or an exercise in public sector funding and sponsorship, depending on what release you’re reading.

High up on the line up are São Paulo six piece, Dragoes De Komodo (pictured). A ‘powerful’ emcee collective ‘brought together from crews across the world’s 9th largest megacity’, and pretty much what Cyprus Hill wanted to be at some point. Well worth a look if you like your hip hop; playing at PST in Digbeth, on Sat 15th – £5.

Next on the bill is DJ Switch, the Birmingham based 3x DMC champion (not the M.I.A. producer), who will be playing at some venue at some point – although the organisers can’t say where or when.

Then, back at PST, Discotecagem Radiofonica will be ‘presenting contemporary Brazilian music alongside artistic interventions’ on Friday 4th. A sound and light show; but one well worth a Google and £5 to see live.

Other visiting Brazilian artists include: lock-up-your-daughters-singer/songwriter Luiz Gabriel Lopes, culturally old and new acoustic three piece Tiãoduá, artist collective Expurgação, and slightly flower obsessed performance artist Rubiane Maia.

Loads more to explore and most of it free, plus a healthy Birmingham contingent. See September’s Ed’s… Highlights for a quick local name drop.

For full details on Espirito Brum, including participating venues, visit